Aircraft certifying technician

Aircraft certifying technician

Maintain and certify a range of civil and military aircraft

As an aircraft certifying technician apprentice, you’ll develop a comprehensive knowledge of aircraft systems and carry out approved maintenance processes to maintain and certify the airworthiness of the aircraft, from small aeroplanes to airliners, jet fighters and helicopters, both civil and military. You’ll carry out highly skilled, complex and specialist work, maintaining aircraft systems according to approved procedures, using relevant hand tools and equipment. You’ll research data sources, ensuring that on completion of a task all aircraft documentation is accurately completed and certified. You’ll work individually and as part of a larger team, including carrying out supervisory duties and oversight of work completed. You’ll be able to demonstrate your ability to identify and resolve problems using the approved data and processes and understand the limits of your authority/approval. An aircraft maintenance licence will be required to carry out this role.


Duration: 45 months

Relevant school subjects: Science and maths

Entry requirements: Four GCSEs, including English, maths and a science, or equivalent qualifications

Achievement upon completion: Level 4 (Higher)—equivalent to a foundation degree

Potential salary upon completion: £27,000 per annum

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