• 06/11/2023
  • £22,126.00 Increasing to £24,603 in year 2, £26,996 in year 3 and £29,445 in year 4. Higher rates are applied to those aged 23 and over.
  • Apprenticeship - Higher apprenticeship: level 4
  • Sellafield Ltd. Seascale CA20 1PG
Nuclear Welding Inspection Apprenticeship 2024 - Job Ref: SP05292

The role of a nuclear welding inspection apprentice will be to provide quality control and welding inspection services to the nuclear industry. For the first twelve months you will learn basic hand skills and cover three in depth modules covering the most commonly used welding techniques within the industry.

What you will do in your working day

  • You will be carrying out detailed visual inspections.
  • Making detailed records and giving technical feedback.
  • Developing the confidence to challenge/question specifications throughout the manufacturing process.
  • You will become trained in other techniques such as liquid penetrant and magnetic particle testing to detect surface breaking defects or you may also get the chance to do volumetric testing such as; Radiography and Ultra Sonic testing, which allows you to detect defects inside the weld. You will need to have the right attitude to health and safety, quality and following instructions.

The scheme will cover:

  • Material science
  • Welding technology/welding inspection
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques

The training you will be getting

You will have the opportunity to work towards a Level 4 Apprenticeship certificate, during this time you will work alongside existing welding inspectors at Sellafield Ltd and attend college one day per week.

  • 1st Year – Training will be delivered at a local off-site training facility. You will learn basic hand, trade skills, welding techniques, reading engineering/fabrication drawings, taking measurements and a basic introduction into welding inspection.
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th Year – You will be placed in the welding inspection team on site/off site and in the supply chain learning about welding inspection, material defects and NDT techniques, i.e. Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Radiography and Ultrasonic Testing. We also carry out inspections off site as well which means we have to inspect manufactured items/equipment that our suppliers have made in their workshops to check it meets the required standard.

As an integral part of your apprenticeship your progress will be monitored and assessed against government standard requirements. You will compile an evidence folder, demonstrating your areas of learning with accredited certificates of completion for elements of your training. Within the last six months of your apprenticeship you will undertake an assessment by an independently appointed organisation, where you will be expected to clearly demonstrate your capability to perform as a Nuclear Welding Inspection Technician.

What to expect at the end of your apprenticeship

Following successful completion of your apprenticeship, we will look to retain you in a professional full time position at Sellafield Ltd. 

Desired skills and personal qualities

Attention to detail, Problem solving skills, Number skills, Team working, Initiative


  • GCSE or equivalent English Language (Grade 5) Essential
  • GCSE or equivalent Mathematics (Grade 5) Essential
  • GCSE or equivalent Science or Engineering subject (Grade 4) Essential
  • GCSE or equivalent X2 Any Subject (Grade 4) Essential

Job Ref: SP05292

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