Orthodontic therapist apprenticeship

Fit, adjust and remove braces to the patient’s teeth

Before you begin the orthodontic therapist apprenticeship you must be registered as a General Dental Council dental nurse, dental hygienist, dental therapist or dental technician. You’ll become a registered professional who fits, adjusts and removes braces to a patient’s teeth, working to the prescription of an orthodontist or dentist. You’ll also provide advice on maintaining oral and general health for patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment. In your daily work, you’ll interact with patients of all ages, the dental team, parents, guardians and carers and you’ll be responsible for undertaking procedures such as bonding brackets on the teeth, fitting and changing wires and accessories that connect to the brackets, fitting removable appliances and retainers, following their prescription.


Duration: 13 months

Relevant school subjects: Biology

Entry requirements for the orthodontic therapist apprenticeship: Must be registered on the General Dental Council Register as a registered dental nurse, dental hygienist, dental therapist or dental technician. Employers usually require applicants to have a period of clinical post-qualification experience (usually at least two years)

Achievement upon completion: Level 4 (Higher)—equivalent to a foundation degree

Potential salary upon completion: £42,000

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