Building services engineering ductwork craftsperson

Building services engineering ductwork craftsperson

Install and service building ventilation systems

Ductwork systems provide clean air and remove used air, and move temperature-controlled air around the inside of buildings as part of a building’s ventilation and life safety systems. As a building services engineering ductwork craftsperson, you’ll plan, organise, undertake, complete and oversee the installation and maintenance of ductwork systems in large industrial and commercial buildings, including office blocks, factories, schools, airports and hospitals. You’ll develop the skills to assemble, install, test, repair, pre-commission, commission, handover and de-commission ductwork made from a wide range of materials, as well as oversee the work of others, and understand the importance and function of the system to be installed. You’ll also interact with the latest technologies, such as building information modelling, and learn to understand and interpret drawings.


Duration: 48 months

Relevant school subjects: Science and DT

Entry requirements: English and maths at level 2

Achievement upon completion: Level 3 (Advanced)—equivalent to A-levels at grades

Potential salary upon completion: £20,000 per annum

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