The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) is a professional engineering institute with the aim to promote the advancement of the science and practice of non-destructive testing (NDT), condition monitoring (CM), structural health monitoring (SHM), diagnostic engineering and all other materials and quality testing disciplines.

BINDT has been working in close partnership with a development group, led by Rolls-Royce and with participation from over 50 other leading engineering organisations, to develop three apprenticeships offering rewarding roles in the exciting field of NDT.

The NDT Operator apprenticeship is aimed at NDT Operators performing inspections within manufacturing processes, often in production-line environments and with high product volumes, using a single NDT method. Inspections apply within manufacturing, in-service inspection or specialised applications, such as NDT equipment development.

NDT Engineering Technicians will be required to inspect materials, welds, components and plant to verify their integrity without rendering them unfit for further service. The role involves technical supervisory responsibility for NDT Operators and other junior staff within the organisation.

NDT Engineers use their acquired knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable NDT systems to operate safely, efficiently and in an environmentally sustainable way, meeting the requirements set out by the employer and those of the professional body. They maintain and manage applications of current and developing technology and undertake engineering design and development within manufacturing, construction and operations.

Successful apprentices could become key components of important industries, such as aerospace, motorsport, power generation and distribution, manufacturing, railways, oil & gas (on- and offshore), marine and construction. Real-life examples could include inspecting airframes and engines, Formula 1 gearboxes and nuclear reactors or other safety-critical components.


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