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McDonald’s is the world’s leading restaurant group with more than 1,400 locations in the UK and Ireland, serving over 3.8 million customers a day.

We are one of the UK’s largest private sector employers, employing over 150,000 people and it is estimated that we provide over 85,000 jobs to young people aged 16-25, making us one of the largest employers of young people in the UK.

Every year, we invest in over £43million worth of training for our people, to help them access opportunities and make the most of their potential. Apprenticeships are a key focus for our business, with our Plan for Change outlining our pledge to support 3,000 apprentices by 2025.


McDonald’s Apprenticeship Programme

Our apprenticeship programmes are a vital part of our development opportunities for our people. As an apprentice at McDonald’s, you’ll learn about the Hospitality industry from one of the most successful companies in the world – and you’ll earn good money at the same time. Our apprenticeships combine on-the-job development and learning with our award-winning training providers – so you’ll gain a nationally recognised qualification at the end of it.

Our apprenticeships start from Level 2 Hospitality for our Crew Members and go right up to Level 6 Chartered Management Degree for our salaried managers. There is an apprenticeship available for every role in our restaurants, providing clear career progression and learning opportunities at each stage of your career with us.

You’ll gain practical experience and learn new skills to help shape your future – from planning and organisation, communication, confidence in dealing with customers, decision-making and teamwork. We offer career development that suits your ambitions and keeps challenging you – you’ll never get bored in our fast-paced, focused and friendly environment.

Every apprentice at McDonald’s has the support of an Apprentice Mentor who are on hand from day one. They will make sure every apprentice has the help and guidance required to be successful in their development.

Working for McDonald’s is more than just a job. We’re a business that aims to have a positive impact in everything we do. We offer good value, quality food and a fantastic experience for our customer – and we enjoy what we do! Follow us to find out more about becoming a part of our future.


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