Mineral and construction product sampling and testing operator

Mineral and construction product sampling and testing operator

Collect and sample mineral and construction products to meet customer specifications

A mineral and construction product sampling and testing operator collects and samples mineral, heavy construction and final products to ensure they meet rigorous standards and customer specifications. Materials can include ready mixed concrete, cement, mortar, asphalt, road building and high-speed rail products, and concrete. In this role, you could work in a range of sub-sectors, including mining, construction, quarrying, road building, waste and recycling operations. As product failure and poor quality can lead to end-use failure, your expert knowledge and attention to detail when sampling and testing material is essential. You’ll collect and sample products at source or on a customer’s site and report your findings. Your work will include the use of specialist equipment in order to grade materials. This could include compression and flexural testing equipment to measure strength, nuclear density, thermocouples for temperature, slump and spread measurement equipment, and methods for chemical analysis.


Duration: 14 months

Relevant school subjects: DT and science

Entry requirements: Depend on employer

Achievement upon completion: Level 2 (Intermediate)—equivalent to GCSEs

Potential salary upon completion: £20,000 per annum

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