Network cable installer

Network cable installer

Install, terminate, test and certify network cable infrastructure components

A network cable installer installs, terminates, tests and certifies network cable infrastructure components. This network infrastructure provides the communications backbone for the digital infrastructure ecosystem, enabling all types of digital devices, including computers, servers, smart devices, security equipment, wireless access points, access control, building management systems and lighting systems, to communicate between each other, internally, nationally and globally. As an installer, you’ll work inside and install cable within buildings and structures, and outside, installing cable externally between buildings, cities and countries. The size of the task or project that you could be involved in ranges from a single outlet point in a customer’s premises, to thousands of outlets in a new office blocks, or from a single fibre cable termination in a building to the installation of hundreds of fibres over many kilometres in local, national and international communities. This role is very physical and often involves lifting and moving heavy equipment.


Duration: 12 months

Relevant school subjects: ICT

Entry requirements: Depend on employer

Achievement upon completion: Level 3 (Advanced)—equivalent to A-levels

Potential salary upon completion: £24,000 per annum

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