Non-destructive testing engineering technician

Non-destructive testing engineering technician

Use specialist methods to detect cracks and other imperfections in manufactured components

Non-destructive testing is an engineering science-based profession that will require you, as a technician, to inspect materials, welds, components and plant to verify their integrity without rendering them unfit for further service. You’ll also have technical supervisory responsibility of non-destructive testing operators and other junior staff within the organisation. You’ll learn to use methods such as ultrasonics, radiography and infrared thermography to detect cracks and other imperfections in manufactured components, and carry out accurate inspections that can be taken at face value. You’ll be able to work in a variety of industries, including aerospace, motorsport, power generation and distribution, manufacturing, railways, oil and gas, marine and construction, meaning you could be inspecting airframes and engines, Formula 1 gearboxes, or even nuclear reactors, not to mention a range of other safety-critical components.


Duration: 36 months

Relevant school subjects: Science, maths and DT

Entry requirements: Three GCSEs, including English and maths, or equivalent qualifications. Good aided or unaided eyesight to satisfy the mandatory non-destructive testing eyesight test, and appropriate physical fitness

Achievement upon completion: Level 3 (Advanced)—equivalent to A-levels

Potential salary upon completion: £27,000 per annum

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