Ordnance munitions and explosives specialist

Ordnance munitions and explosives specialist

Provide specialist expertise, advice and direction towards delivering complex scientific and technical solutions

A fully competent ordnance, munitions and explosives specialist can work in a wide range of organisations, including defence, chemical, commercial, military, security, nuclear and analytical services, from multi-nationals to SMEs, and government bodies such as the MoD. You’ll work in an environment that is a unique mixture of physics, chemistry and engineering, taking place at high temperature pressures and mechanical strain rates not typically encountered in other fields of science and engineering. A typical day could include stakeholder visits, technical design management, team working and leadership tasks, commissioning work from others and overseeing and conducting field and desk-based analysis. As a specialist, you’ll work both independently as well as working in, or leading, teams. You will gain extensive technical networks, communication, influencing and leadership skills and be an expert in your field.


Duration: 36 months

Relevant school subjects: Science

Entry requirements: Depend on employer, but likely a degree in science or engineering related subject, the OME professional degree apprenticeship or relevant industry experience

Achievement upon completion: Level 7 (Degree)—equivalent to a master’s degree

Potential salary upon completion: £30,000 per annum

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