Physician associate

Physician associate

Work alongside registered doctors providing medical care as an integral part of a wider healthcare team

Physician associates are healthcare professionals who work alongside registered doctors and provide medical care as an integral part of a wider healthcare team. They are dependent practitioners, which means that they must work with a dedicated medical supervisor, but are able to work autonomously with appropriate support. You’ll mainly work within GP surgeries, accident and emergency departments, care homes and hospitals. During this apprenticeship, you’ll be medically trained to provide all aspects of healthcare to patients, including consultation, assessment, treatment and management of their health care. You’ll take medical histories of patients, perform physical examinations, request and interpret investigations, diagnose and manage patients, and perform an extensive range of specialised procedural skills within their scope of practice.


Duration: 30 months

Relevant school subjects: Science

Entry requirements: Depend on employer, but likely bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualifications or relevant experience

Achievement upon completion: Level 7 (Degree)—equivalent to a master’s degree

Potential salary upon completion: £30,000

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