Public sector compliance officer

Public sector compliance officer

Identify potential acts of criminality and support civil or criminal proceedings

A compliance officer operating within the public sector identifies potential acts of criminality and supports civil or criminal proceedings on behalf of supervisory and regulatory organisations and authorities. In this role, you’ll be responsible for conducting risk-based compliance checks and investigations by applying appropriate legislation, case law, policy and procedure, so that casework can be carried out with integrity and minimal opportunity for technical error. You’ll work independently to obtain evidence through various methods, ranging from reviewing documents to contentious interviews. You’ll exercise judgement and discretion to test credibility and will make evidence-based decisions and recommendations, including when to escalate an issue, and to whom. You’ll make recommendations and judgements within defined parameters, obtaining authority to proceed from a senior manager for decisions that fall outside those parameters.


Duration: 18 months

Relevant school subjects: ICT, English and maths

Entry requirements: Depend on employer, but likely GCSEs or equivalent qualifications or relevant experience

Achievement upon completion: Level 3 (Advanced)—equivalent to A-levels

Potential salary upon completion: £21,000 per annum

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