Saks: Natasha Rodrigues

Saks: Natasha Rodrigues

Natasha Rodrigues is flying high as a talented hair stylist at Saks Northallerton and it all started with a Saks apprenticeship

Beginning her journey with an intermediate hairdressing apprenticeship, Natasha learned the basics at Saks Yarm, while also studying an NVQ level 2 as part of her apprenticeship training.

She quickly progressed onto an advanced hairdressing apprenticeship, during which she was scouted for her talents and given an amazing opportunity to join the Saks team in 2013; and to be mentored creatively by the Saks art team for a whole year.

Speaking about her apprenticeship, Natasha said: “My time as an apprentice gave me the confidence I needed to further my abilities as a stylist. I don’t think I would have felt the same if I’d just gone off to college; I would not have had the chance to work on the salon floor while gaining my qualification.”

“Doing a Saks apprenticeship is the best decision I’ve ever made. It has given me a head start into doing something I always dreamed of. My training didn’t cost me anything and I was also able to earn a wage at the same time. My Saks educator Bev was great too—she was really supportive and the fact that she came into the salon to do my training and assessments was an added bonus!”