Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the diverse opportunities that adult apprenticeships offer 

Apprenticeships are often associated with young people entering the workforce for the first time. However, adult apprenticeships are increasingly recognised as valuable opportunities for those seeking to upskill or make a significant career change. With no upper age limit, adult apprenticeships offer a practical and financially viable way to gain new qualifications and experience.


How could an adult apprenticeship help me?

Whether you’re looking to climb the career ladder or pivot to an entirely new field, an adult apprenticeship can provide the training and support needed to achieve your goals. An apprenticeship offers structured learning and hands-on experience. So if you’re considering a career change, an apprenticeship can help you transition smoothly by equipping you with the necessary competencies and industry-specific knowledge. 

Adult apprenticeships are also beneficial for individuals who need to adapt to changing circumstances, such as health issues or promotions. By offering a blend of practical and theoretical learning, apprenticeships ensure that you’re well-prepared for the demands of your new career. 


An apprenticeship is an education

An apprenticeship is more than just a training programme; it’s a journey. As an apprentice, you’ll receive guidance and mentorship, allowing you to grow from a beginner to a seasoned professional in your chosen field. This process not only develops your technical skills but also fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and a lifelong passion for learning and growing – all invaluable attributes for any employer. 

Fair access to apprenticeship benefits

Did you know that you can continue working for your current employer while you take on an apprenticeship? By offering adult apprenticeships, companies can tap into a wider talent pool and benefit from a more varied range of perspectives and experiences. Supporting employees through apprenticeships not only promotes equality, but also drives innovation and improves overall business performance. 



Financing an apprenticeship can be a concern for many adults. You will earn at least the minimum apprenticeship wage while you are undertaking your programme, and many employers will offer a higher wage. You may be able to access additional funding such as grants or bursaries to cover costs associated with your apprenticeship, such as travel expenses or childcare. Do your research and speak with your training provider before undertaking an apprenticeship to ensure you can afford it. 


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