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With more than 500 options, you’re spoilt for choice in your search for an apprenticeship

There are more than 500 apprenticeships profiled here. They’re organised by sector to make it easier for you to find which ones may appeal to you, as well as school subject, skill and interest, salary band and level to simplify selection further. Where two apprenticeships appear similar, it’s probably because they’re offered at different levels, with one representing an entry level position and the other designed to train you for management responsibilities.

But how do you identify an apprenticeship that may interest you and warrant further research? How do you match who you are now with what you want to do with the rest of your life? These are important and complicated questions, but they needn’t be difficult to answer.

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Waste resources operative

Work throughout the collection, transport, processing, disposal and recycling of waste and recyclables Waste resources operative is the general description for an important role found throughout the collection, transport, processing,


Make and repair horse saddles The saddlery trade supports the pursuit of excellence in its traditional craft skills while also embracing innovation and technology. The bespoke saddler is a fundamental

Veterinary nurse

Provide expert nursing care for sick animals Veterinary nursing is the supportive care of animals receiving treatment within a veterinary practice. As a veterinary nurse, you’ll work as a member

Packhouse line leader

Responsible for a variety of perishable products, such as vegetables, fruit, cut flowers and plants Food and plant packhouses collect and process fresh agricultural products and dispatch them to retailers

Keeper and aquarist

Responsible for the everyday care and husbandry of animals within a collection Keepers and aquarists are responsible for the everyday care and husbandry of animals within a collection at zoos,

Horticulture / landscape supervisor

Manage a site, supervise a team, and maintain the health and safety and security of personnel and resources A horticulture and landscape supervisor oversees work in public parks and gardens,

Mineral processing mobile and static plant operator

Run and maintain heavy mobile plant equipment A mineral processing mobile and static plant operator runs either fixed or mobile heavy plant equipment efficiently and safely. You’ll be expected to

Building control surveyor

Certificate that building work achieves compliance with minimum standards A building control surveyor provides an impartial service certificating that building work achieves compliance with minimum standards set out in the

Painter and decorator

Undertake the decoration and protection of buildings A painter and decorator operates in domestic and commercial properties and undertakes the decoration and protection of buildings. Properties include houses, schools, offices,


Lay carpets, vinyl, linoleum and rubber, or laminate or wood flooring A floorlayer is a trained craftsperson who lays carpets, vinyl, linoleum and rubber, or laminate and wood flooring. The

Building energy management systems controls engineer

Designing the systems that control heating, air conditioning and renewables Building energy management systems are implemented in buildings with mechanical, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and electrical systems to

Architectural assistant

Work with architects to design buildings and deliver architectural projects An architectural assistant helps to design buildings and deliver architectural projects across scheme phases, from the initial client briefing process

Junior animator

Produce the motions, gestures, expressions and performance of dimensional characters and inanimate objects A junior animator creates animated assets and content, by producing the motions, gestures, expressions and performance of

Junior journalist

Create news items using a combination of words, pictures and moving images Journalists bring people the news and information from their street, community, town or city, and from around the

Advertising and media executive

Oversee the day-to-day progress of the whole advertising process An advertising and media executive oversees the day-to-day progress of the whole advertising process, from receiving the brief from the marketing

Outside broadcasting engineer

Work on location to provide picture and sound coverage of a range of events An outside broadcasting engineer works on live relays of sporting, music or other cultural events, as

Marketing executive

Shape, support and deliver marketing plans A marketing executive will help shape, support and deliver marketing plans, working in conjunction with the marketing manager who will define the overall marketing

Assistant puppet maker

Support the design, manufacture and performance of puppets As an assistant puppet maker you will support the design, manufacture and performance of puppets for theatre, film, TV, carnival, animation, applied

Bid and proposal coordinator

Bring together compelling, customer-focused proposals and tender submissions to win business A bid and proposal professional is integral to how businesses win work. As a key part of the sales

Event assistant

Help planners and project managers to organise and host events Events cover a broad range of activities as well as sizes, from small numbers of attendees through to thousands. They

HR consultant/partner

Provide HR expertise within a company or organisation In this role, which is interchangeably referred to a consultant or business partner, you’ll use your expertise to provide and lead the

Regulatory compliance officer

Perform regulatory services functions and support compliance activities Well designed and enforced regulation plays a vital role in improving the way markets work for the benefit of business, employees and

Improvement practitioner

Identify and lead the delivery of change across organisational functions and processes Improvement practitioners use a blend of lean and Six Sigma, project and change management principles and tools to

Chartered legal executive

Provide legal services to clients and colleagues The chartered legal executive is a recent innovation in the legal sector, offering an alternative route into law. On completion of the apprenticeship,


Sell fish and seafood products, and advise customers on how to prepare them Fishmongers are responsible for preparing and selling fish, and shellfish products, to members of the public. As

Retail manager

Supervise staff, their work and sales within a retail environment A retail manager is responsible for delivering sales targets and a positive experience to customers that will encourage repeat custom

Customer service specialist

Provide direct customer support within all sectors and organisation types The main purpose of a customer service specialist is to be a ‘professional’ for direct customer support. In this role,

Assistant buyer/merchandiser

Source, select, maintain and deliver the right products to meet demand and business objectives An assistant buyer or merchandiser understands the brand and customer in order to source, select, maintain

Retail team leader

Guide and coordinate staff, their work and sales within a retail environment A retail team leader provides critical support to managers, delivering exceptional customer service and a positive experience to

Retail leader

Achieve excellence in customer service and profitability A retail leader demonstrates strategic vision and drive to achieve excellence in customer service and profitability. As a retail leader, you’ll act as

Digital support technician

Support and implement digital operations and transformation projects A digital support technician is needed in all organisations, large and small, across sectors, because digital technologies are increasingly being applied to

Digital community manager

Facilitate and instigate direct communication online between the end user and the organisation This occupation is found in areas such as the videogame industry and software providers. Digital community managers

Unified communications troubleshooter

Install equipment and software, and handle incidents and requests for help As a unified communications troubleshooter, you’ll provide customers, who can be inside or outside of the business, with a

Data analyst

Collect, organise and study data to provide business insight A data analyst manages, cleanses, abstracts and aggregates data, and conducts a range of analytical studies on that data. Your projects

Digital marketer

Use online and social media platforms to design, build and implement campaigns and drive customer sales A digital marketer uses multiple means and methods to define, design, build and implement

Geospatial mapping and science specialist

Interpret and analyse data relating to geographic position on the earth’s surface Geospatial mapping and science specialists interpret and analyse geospatial data and use leading edge digital technology such as

Aerospace software development engineer

Develop software to support the aerospace industry Aerospace software engineering is highly technical, requiring an apprentice to develop, modify and upgrade the systems that control aircraft. A demonstrable coding ability

Stairlift, lifting platform and service lift electromechanic

Install or maintain and repair stairlifts, lifting platforms or service lifts A stairlift is a mechanism used for transporting less able persons up and down stairways. A lifting platform is

Automation and controls engineering technician

Install and maintain hardware and software for automation systems The automation and controls engineering technician role is found across the automotive, food and drink, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and construction

Pipe welder

Weld tubes and pipes to high standards of quality A pipe welder manually welds tubes and pipes to high standards of quality and integrity using manual arc welding processes. As

Ordnance, munitions and explosives professional

Analyse, interpret and evaluate technical information, concepts and ideas to propose solutions to problems A career as an ordnance munitions and explosives professional is challenging, stimulating and dynamic. You’ll learn

Compressed air and vacuum technician

Install and commission equipment and their associated systems The continuous supply of compressed air is vital to all manufacturing processes and the latest systems and equipment are innovative-engineered products, which

Community energy specialist

Reduce energy usage and purchasing by managing and generating low carbon heat and power   ‘Community energy’ refers to people who come together to reduce energy use and purchase, manage

Dual fuel smart meter installer

Install, exchange and maintain smart meters, and explain to customers how they work and how to use energy more efficiently Dual fuel smart meter installation forms a key part of

Electrical power networks engineer

Maintain and repair assets on the electricity network The electrical power networks engineer apprenticeship covers six engineer roles, specifically asset management, control, electrical project, and planning and operational delivery. In

Nuclear welding inspection technician

Carry out quality control and welding inspections for the nuclear industry The nuclear welding inspection technician apprenticeship will prepare you for this highly technical quality control role, in which you’ll

Water treatment technician

Develop, install and maintain water treatment programmes for water systems A water treatment technician is responsible for the development, installation and maintenance of water treatment programmes for water systems in

Water process technician

Carry out reactive and routine maintenance on water process equipment A water process technician performs reactive and routine maintenance on equipment to ensure safe and efficient operations, supporting other disciplines


Use mathematical skills to measure the probability and risk of future events, and their financial impact An actuary engages in financial modelling, using mathematical skills to measure the probability and

Professional accounting or tax technician

Work as an accountant or bookkeeper for an accounting practice, business, organisation or the HMRC A professional accounting or tax technician will be responsible for creating, verifying and reviewing accurate

Actuarial technician

Help colleagues to build mathematical models to make financial predictions for clients The actuarial profession is a diverse sector that focuses on the management of uncertainty and risk. Actuarial teams

Workplace pensions administrator/consultant

Provide information on in-house pension schemes or externally to pension clients of the organisation Workplace pensions administrators and consultants provide information on in-house pension schemes or externally to pension clients

Accounting and taxation professional

Provide financial information and advice to different organisations Accountancy and taxation professionals are recognised around the world as respected leaders in accountancy, taxation, finance and business. From providing strategic business

Debt adviser

Assess a customer’s full circumstances and provide suitable advice A debt adviser can work at local authorities, charities and commercial organisations, all of which provide free debt advice to customers.

Hair professional

Provide hair cutting, styling and grooming services for men and women The hair professional apprenticeship covers the distinctly different roles of hairdresser and barber. As an apprentice hairdresser, you’ll train

Nail services technician

Offer a range of services for clients’ nails A nail services technician offers a range of services for clients’ nails. In this role, you’ll work independently or as part of

Advanced beauty therapist

Provide, design and implement bespoke treatment plans to clients An advanced beauty therapist can be employed within the beauty industry, travel, leisure and health sectors, in a variety of salons,

Beauty therapist

Complete treatments as a key part of a beauty business Beauty therapy is one of the largest, trusted, professional and continually expanding industries within hair and beauty. The work environment

Advanced and creative hair professional

Deliver hair fashion-forward trends, using creativity, individual flair, imagination and interpretation Advanced and creative hair professionals provide a quality service, while working to the highest standards and continuously developing personal

Beauty and make-up consultant

Demonstrate, promote and recommend the use, benefits and application of a range of retail beauty products A beauty and make-up consultant works in a department store or other retail environment.


Give support, care and advice during pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period A midwife is the first and main contact for a woman, her partner and family, acting as an

Physician associate

Work alongside registered doctors providing medical care as an integral part of a wider healthcare team Physician associates are healthcare professionals who work alongside registered doctors and provide medical care

Children, young people and families practitioner

Work to achieve positive and sustainable change in the lives of the people in their care You’ll work with children, young people and families, including carers, to achieve positive and

Optical assistant

Identify the appropriate spectacles to meet the customer’s needs An optical assistant requires many skills to be able to work within the optical retail industry. As an optical assistant apprentice,

Advanced clinical practitioner

Manage defined episodes of clinical care independently, providing care and treatment An advanced clinical practitioner manages defined episodes of clinical care independently, from beginning to end, providing care and treatment


Assess, diagnose and monitor the impact of jointly agreed treatment plans Dietitians are predominantly employed by the NHS and work in hospitals and in the community. You could also be

Drinks dispense technician

Install and maintain drinks dispensing systems A drinks dispense technician works in a variety of venues that serve soft-drinks and alcoholic beverages to the public on a daily basis, including

Hospitality team member

Carry out a range of general and specialist roles within hospitality businesses A hospitality team member can work in a range of establishments, including bars, restaurants, cafés, conference centres, banqueting

Production chef

Work with centrally developed standardised recipes and menus, producing food often in high volumes Production chefs work as part of a team in time-bound and often challenging kitchen environments at

Hospitality supervisor

Supervise staff and activities within hospitality businesses A hospitality supervisor provides vital support to management teams and is capable of independently supervising hospitality services and running shifts. In this role,

Commercial catering equipment technician

Install, maintain and repair commercial catering equipment A commercial catering equipment technician installs, commissions, maintains and repairs commercial catering equipment, such as combination ovens, fryers, grills and griddles, cooking ranges,

Senior production chef

Manage a team producing standardised dishes and menus within a kitchen environment A senior production chef strives to produce customers’ meals consistently to perfection, according to predetermined specifications. As an

Textile manufacturing operative

Ensure the consistency of textile production in a manufacturing facility A textile manufacturing operative is employed within the textile manufacturing industry and works in a job role where they are

Express delivery operative

Transport and deliver a range of goods Using equipment and software to provide timed deliveries and collections to homes and businesses, postal workers, couriers and express delivery drivers have a

Furniture product developer

Combine design, business and engineering skills to develop new and improved furniture products This role will see you developing new and improved furniture products such as domestic and office furniture.


Make and repair upholstered furniture This role is found in the furniture, furnishings and interiors industry, however it can also relate to the automotive and marine industry where they have

Military survival equipment fitter

Maintain military aircraft and personal survival equipment The military survival equipment fitter will maintain aircraft and personal survival equipment. It is a skilled, complex and specialist role, maintaining survival equipment

Packaging professional

Lead on technical packaging delivery programmes and projects for a multitude of products The fundamental role of packaging is to protect, preserve and promote the contents. As a packaging professional,

Marine engineer

Design and oversee testing, installation, and repair of marine apparatus and equipment A marine engineer works on boats such as yachts, commercial craft and superyachts. In this role, you’ll install,

Workboat crewmember

Serve on the crew of a wide variety of specialist vessels As a workboat crewmember, usually working alongside two to three personnel, you’ll work on a variety of specialist vessels,

Marine surveyor

Independently verify the structure, machinery, equipment and systems of ships and vessels A marine surveyor independently verifies the structure, machinery, equipment and systems of ships and vessels, to ensure compliance

Able seafarer

Work as part of the navigation department on ships and other vessels An able seafarer works on deck aboard ships and vessels, acting as the watchkeepers of the crew. During

Maritime mechanic

Undertake testing, fault diagnosis and maintenance A maritime mechanic is employed in the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy. In this role, you’ll work from engineering drawings, data and documentation in


Ensure the safe operation and passage of a vessel As a boatmaster, you could be the captain of a single vessel tourist boat or you could be working for a

Custody and detention officer

Ensure that individuals in custody and detention centres are held in a highly secure, safe, decent and fair environment As a custody and detention officer apprentice, you’ll operate in a

Probation officer

Reduce criminal re-offending, safeguard victims and rehabilitate prison service users As an apprentice, you’ll work in the National Probation Service or for community rehabilitation companies or voluntary sector organisations in

Police constable

Uphold law and order through the detection, prevention and investigation of crime Being a police constable is a physically and intellectually demanding occupation, requiring high levels of emotional intelligence, strong

Policy officer

Shape and influence government policy The policy officer shapes and/or influences government policy, by working with a range of stakeholders and experts to gather evidence, understand information and present recommendations

Public service operational delivery officer

Work in local and central government to ensure the public gets the services and protection they need An operational delivery officer makes sure that citizens get the services and protection

Business fire safety adviser

Work with businesses to help them keep their premises safe from fire A business fire safety adviser works with businesses to help them keep their premises safe from fire by

Dental technician

Design, manufacture, modify and repair custom-made dental appliances Your work as a dental technician will be undertaken in a dental lab on a prescription from a dentist. The work can

Science industry maintenance technician

Contribute to the operation of a science industry plant by installing, maintaining, testing and repairing mechanical and electrical equipment A science industry maintenance technician contributes to the smooth and safe

Science manufacturing technician

Operate the systems and equipment involved in the production of goods A science manufacturing technician works in a range of companies, including chemical, primary and secondary pharmaceutical, biotechnology, formulated products

Technician scientist

Carry out established laboratory-based investigations and basic scientific experimentation using bench and instrumentation techniques As a technician scientist apprentice, you’ll learn to use a range of routine skills and some

Dairy technologist

Develop and produce dairy products An advanced dairy technologist plays a pivotal role in the dairy industry. From a base of strong dairy science and technology knowledge, you’ll ensure that

Laboratory scientist (degree)

Conduct technical and scientific activity in laboratories A laboratory scientist applies specialist knowledge and broad scientific understanding to carry out a range of technical and scientific activities in their specialist

Sporting excellence professional

Capable of performing consistently and effectively in training environments and competitions This apprenticeship is applicable across football, cricket and rugby league and union. During your apprenticeship, you’ll develop into a

Personal trainer

Coach clients towards their health and fitness goals Through the design and provision of creative and personalised exercise programmes and instruction, nutritional advice and overall lifestyle management, in the role of

Leisure duty manager

Oversee the day-to-day operation of a leisure facility The leisure duty manager is in charge of the effective day-to-day ‘front line’ operation of a leisure facility, such as a swimming

Leisure team member

Support, enhance and deliver the day-to-day operations and services of a leisure or fitness facility A leisure team member supports, enhances and delivers the day-to-day operations and services of a

Community activator coach

Lead and coach fun, inclusive and engaging activities The community activator coach, in the role of activator, sports coach, activity leader, community worker or outreach officer, will primarily work with

Outdoor activity instructor

Supervise and guide children and adults in outdoor activities and pastimes An outdoor activity instructor supervises and guides children and adults in activities and pastimes such as canoeing, sailing, climbing,

First officer pilot

Support the aircraft captain and commander during flights The first officer, also known as co-pilot, works in a variety of aircraft, including commercial, military, passenger or freight. The role of

Rail engineering technician

Provide technical support to engineers working on the rail network and trains A rail engineering technician provides technical support to rail engineers across the infrastructure and trains of the railway,

Aviation ground operative

Support the safe arrival, turnaround and departure of aircraft An aviation ground operative can work at a commercial airport, military base/aerodrome, heliport or other airfield. With five key specialist functions,

Bus and coach engineering technician

Carry out a range of engineering work on buses and coaches for their operators A bus and coach engineering technician will inspect, diagnose, repair and test equipment and systems on

Railway engineering design technician

Provide technical support to engineers who design infrastructure and systems for railways A railway engineering design technician provides technical support to engineers who design infrastructure and systems for railways. The

Automotive glazing technician

Repair and replace windscreens on vehicles An automotive glazing technician repairs and replaces windscreens in the full range of automotive vehicles on the road today. As an apprentice, you’ll gain