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With more than 500 options, you’re spoilt for choice in your search for an apprenticeship

There are more than 500 apprenticeships profiled here. They’re organised by sector to make it easier for you to find which ones may appeal to you, as well as school subject, skill and interest, salary band and level to simplify selection further. Where two apprenticeships appear similar, it’s probably because they’re offered at different levels, with one representing an entry level position and the other designed to train you for management responsibilities.

But how do you identify an apprenticeship that may interest you and warrant further research? How do you match who you are now with what you want to do with the rest of your life? These are important and complicated questions, but they needn’t be difficult to answer.

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Land-based service engineering technician

Provide advanced technical support and guidance across a diverse range of plant and equipment in sectors such as agriculture, horticulture, forestry and outdoor power As a land-based service engineering technician,

Metal recycling technical manager

Manage a commercially viable site in the metal recycling sector In your daily work as a metal recycling technical manager, you’ll be responsible for the management of day-to-day operations of


Make and repair horse saddles The saddlery trade supports the pursuit of excellence in its traditional craft skills while also embracing innovation and technology. The bespoke saddler is a fundamental

Environmental practitioner

Provide a high level of professional environmental expertise Once confined to conservation, waste management and pollution prevention, the environmental practitioner role has become more mainstream, entering into many areas of

Land-based service engineer

Maintain a range of machinery, plant and equipment As a land-based service engineer, you’ll typically work under the supervision of a senior technician in the workplace or on the customer’s

Sports turf operative

Maintain and renovate sports surfaces A sports turf operative, which may also refer to as a groundsperson or grounds maintenance operative, ensures that public and private sports facilities are available

Trade supplier

Ensure an efficient flow of goods and services between manufacturers and their trade customer base As a trade supplier, you’ll operate a small warehouse and trade counter—visited regularly by professional

Mineral and construction product sampling and testing operator

Collect and sample mineral, heavy construction and final products A mineral and construction product sampling and testing operator collects and samples mineral, heavy construction and final products to ensure they

Building energy management systems controls engineer

Designing the systems that control heating, air conditioning and renewables Building energy management systems are implemented in buildings with mechanical, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and electrical systems to

Building services design engineer

Maintain and enhance the quality of the environment and community A building services design engineer will manage a team of engineers and technicians and, while collaborating with other construction professionals,

Industrial thermal insulation technician

Install and apply appropriate insulation and cladding materials An industrial thermal insulation technician creates bespoke patterns using technical drawing equipment to fabricate specialist cladding materials, which are applied on top

Plumbing and domestic heating technician

Plan, select, install, service, commission and maintain all aspects of plumbing and heating systems A plumbing and domestic heating technician plans, selects, installs, services, commissions and maintains all aspects of

Junior advertising creative

Come up with original, exciting and memorable ideas to be used in a range of mediums This is a specialist role found mainly within advertising agencies, but junior advertising creatives

Creative venue technician

Provide technical support for the construction, rehearsal, presentation and removal of a live performance or event As a creative venue technician, you’ll play an active role in the technical operation

Creative industries production manager

Responsible for all aspects of the production schedule As creative industries production manager, you will take responsibility for all the organisational aspects of production schedule and budget. You may work

Photographic assistant

Generate original imagery or produce prints from customer-supplied digital imagery As an apprentice, you may work as an assistant photographer, generating original imagery. You could be employed across a wide

Advertising and media executive

Oversee the day-to-day progress of the whole advertising process An advertising and media executive oversees the day-to-day progress of the whole advertising process, from receiving the brief from the marketing

Junior content producer

Develop a wide range of media, including digital, social media, broadcast and print A junior content producer is responsible for developing and creating content, ranging from blog posts to videos,

Recruitment resourcer

Identify, attract and shortlist candidates for the recruitment process  As a recruitment resourcer, you’ll identify, attract and shortlist candidates, as well as provide support, for any organisation that requires a

Sales executive

Sell a product line or service to either businesses or consumers A sales executive sells a product line or service to either businesses or consumers. You’ll be responsible for retaining

Improvement technician

Support the resolution of problems and improvement of performance Improvement technicians are responsible for the delivery and coaching of improvement activity within an area of responsibility, often associated with the


Progress legal matters and transactions The solicitor is a time-honoured and respected profession that is integral to modern business, access to justice and resolution of contentious and non-contentious matters. From

Business administrator

Support and improve administrative services within an organisation Business administrator are employed across all sectors and small and large organisations alike. You’ll work independently or as part of a team

Event assistant

Help planners and project managers to organise and host events Events cover a broad range of activities as well as sizes, from small numbers of attendees through to thousands. They

Bakery manager

Make and sell baked goods, such as bread, cakes, pies, pastries and biscuits As a bakery manager, you’ll develop an in-depth knowledge of bakery techniques and expertise in a range

Retail team leader

Guide and coordinate staff, their work and sales within a retail environment A retail team leader provides critical support to managers, delivering exceptional customer service and a positive experience to

Retail supervisor

Manage teams and projects to meet a private, public or voluntary organisation’s goals A retail supervisor is a first-line management role, with operational or project responsibilities, or responsibility for managing


Make bakery products in a craft, plant or retail bakery There are many varied employment and career opportunities in the bakery industry. This is a core and option apprenticeship standard.


Sell fish and seafood products, and advise customers on how to prepare them Fishmongers are responsible for preparing and selling fish, and shellfish products, to members of the public. As


Help customers buy products or services from retail organisations A retailer assists customers when they purchase products and services, which requires a good understanding of the stock being sold, the

Infrastructure technician

Set users up on systems, provide support and solve problems to help organisations run smoothly An infrastructure technician provides support to internal and external customers, helping them to be productive

Digital and technology solutions professional

Create digital and technology solutions that enable businesses to develop new products and services and increase productivity A digital and technology solutions professional provides technology-enabled solutions to internal and/or external

Cyber security technologist

Manage and deal with cyber threats, hazards and risks As an apprentice in the highly technical role of a cyber security technologist, you’ll apply an understanding of cyber threats, hazards,

Unified communications troubleshooter

Install equipment and software, and handle incidents and requests for help As a unified communications troubleshooter, you’ll provide customers, who can be inside or outside of the business, with a

Cyber intrusion analyst

Detect breaches in network security, understand alerts and inform the incident response team about system breaches The primary role of a cyber intrusion analyst is to detect breaches in network

IT technical salesperson

Sell services such as data storage and cloud services for a company Over the course of the IT technical salesperson apprenticeship, you’ll develop a good knowledge and understanding of the

Senior non-destructive testing engineer

Test materials used in machinery and structures to find faults On the senior non-destructive testing engineer apprenticeship, you’ll train to be one of the most senior non-destructive testing members of

Non-destructive testing engineering technician

Use specialist methods to detect cracks and other imperfections in manufactured components Non-destructive testing is an engineering science-based profession that will require you, as a technician, to inspect materials, welds,

Engineering manufacturing technician

Provides specialist technical support for engineers This role is found in large and small engineering and manufacturing organisations providing products and services throughout a wide range of sectors, such as

Aircraft certifying technician

Maintain and certify a range of civil and military aircraft As an aircraft certifying technician apprentice, you’ll develop a comprehensive knowledge of aircraft systems and carry out approved maintenance processes

Engineering design and draughtsperson

Produce engineering designs and drawings for components, structures and systems used in industrial and commercial construction In this role, you’ll be able to work in a wide range of industries

Non-destructive testing engineer

Responsible for the oversight of all non-destructive testing operations A non-destructive testing engineer is responsible for the oversight of all non-destructive testing operations, including the preparation of work plans and

Nuclear welding inspection technician

Carry out quality control and welding inspections for the nuclear industry The nuclear welding inspection technician apprenticeship will prepare you for this highly technical quality control role, in which you’ll

Water treatment technician

Develop, install and maintain water treatment programmes for water systems A water treatment technician is responsible for the development, installation and maintenance of water treatment programmes for water systems in

Power engineer

Develop and apply new technologies to improve safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness within the energy sector The UK’s energy sector is integral to the economy, delivering a fundamental service to the

Dual fuel smart meter installer

Install, exchange and maintain smart meters, and explain to customers how they work and how to use energy more efficiently Dual fuel smart meter installation forms a key part of

Nuclear technician

Provide technical support to engineers and scientists in the nuclear industry As a nuclear technician, you’ll develop a good technical understanding of processes and procedures for the day-to-day operational requirements

Water network operative

Construct, maintain and repair water network infrastructure Water network operatives typically work in one of the water industries, working for utility owners, operators or contractors, within small to large companies.

Debt adviser

Assess a customer’s full circumstances and provide suitable advice A debt adviser can work at local authorities, charities and commercial organisations, all of which provide free debt advice to customers.


Use mathematical skills to measure the probability and risk of future events, and their financial impact An actuary engages in financial modelling, using mathematical skills to measure the probability and

Insurance practitioner

Support the sale and renewal of insurance policies The insurance practitioner apprenticeship is designed to give you access to an industry that provides products and advice on everything from sports cars

Assistant accountant

Carry out routine financial activities and support for businesses and organisations of all types and sizes An assistant accountant provides support to internal and external customers and will work either

Senior compliance or risk specialist

Give high-level advice to financial services organisations on the legal rules they must follow All financial services organisations have to meet a wide range of compliance and risk requirements set

Senior investment or commercial banking professional

Become a highly competent senior professional in the financial services The senior investment/commercial banking professional apprenticeship is dedicated to commercial/business banking, investment management, investment consulting, investment banking and investment operations,

Nail services technician

Offer a range of services for clients’ nails A nail services technician offers a range of services for clients’ nails. In this role, you’ll work independently or as part of

Beauty therapist

Complete treatments as a key part of a beauty business Beauty therapy is one of the largest, trusted, professional and continually expanding industries within hair and beauty. The work environment

Beauty and make-up consultant

Demonstrate, promote and recommend the use, benefits and application of a range of retail beauty products A beauty and make-up consultant works in a department store or other retail environment.

Advanced beauty therapist

Provide, design and implement bespoke treatment plans to clients An advanced beauty therapist can be employed within the beauty industry, travel, leisure and health sectors, in a variety of salons,

Hair professional

Provide hair cutting, styling and grooming services for men and women The hair professional apprenticeship covers the distinctly different roles of hairdresser and barber. As an apprentice hairdresser, you’ll train

Advanced and creative hair professional

Deliver hair fashion-forward trends, using creativity, individual flair, imagination and interpretation Advanced and creative hair professionals provide a quality service, while working to the highest standards and continuously developing personal

Healthcare cleaning operative

Provide a clean healthcare environment to allow staff to continue to thrive, work and develop This role requires specific attention to safety and sanitation in both public and private sector


Assess, diagnose and monitor the impact of jointly agreed treatment plans Dietitians are predominantly employed by the NHS and work in hospitals and in the community. You could also be

Health and care intelligence specialist

Take data on individual or population health and use of services and other forms of evidence and turn it into health and care intelligence Working for organisations that study the

Prosthetic and orthotic technician

Design and manufacture custom-made devices for patients with certain injuries and issues Prosthetic and orthotic technicians design and manufacture custom-made devices for patients with certain injuries and issues. In prosthetics,

Mammography associate

Operate specialised mammography equipment to screen people for breast cancer Mammography utilises x-ray imaging to screen breasts within a hospital or in a community setting, such as a mobile breast

Healthcare assistant practitioner

Provide, supervise and coordinate high-quality and compassionate health and social care A healthcare assistant practitioner works as part of the wider health and social care team and has direct contact

Drinks dispense technician

Install and maintain drinks dispensing systems A drinks dispense technician works in a variety of venues that serve soft-drinks and alcoholic beverages to the public on a daily basis, including

Maritime caterer

Work as a member of the hospitality/hotel services department on board ships and vessels A maritime caterer works as a member of the hospitality/hotel services department on board ships and

Hospitality supervisor

Supervise staff and activities within hospitality businesses A hospitality supervisor provides vital support to management teams and is capable of independently supervising hospitality services and running shifts. In this role,

Senior culinary chef

Act as the culinary inspiration and leader of developing new recipes, dishes and menus A senior culinary chef develops new recipes, dishes and menus. As an apprentice, you’ll learn to

Hospitality manager

Ensure excellent customer experience A hospitality manager works across a range of organisations including bars, restaurants, cafés, conference centres, banqueting venues, hotels and contract caterers. These managers generally specialise in

Chef de partie

Run a specific section of a professional kitchen, such as sauces, pastries or fish A chef de partie is responsible for running a specific section of the kitchen. As this

Sewing machinist

Make sewn products that meet specifications and quality criteria A sewing machinist can be employed by a large, small or micro sewn product manufacturing business. These businesses produce a range

Food technologist

Ensure food and drink products are of the right quality and safe to eat and drink A food technologist is passionate about their industry and ensures all products are safe

Food and drink maintenance engineer

Maintain machinery and equipment in the food and drinks industry The food and drink industry is an exciting place to be a maintenance engineer. World-class companies in the industry use

Bespoke tailor/cutter

Produce tailored clothing that is cut and made to a unique pattern for an individual A bespoke tailor or cutter produces tailored garments that are cut and made to a

Textile manufacturing operative

Ensure the consistency of textile production in a manufacturing facility A textile manufacturing operative is employed within the textile manufacturing industry and works in a job role where they are

Organ builder

Design, manufacture and assemble the components required in a pipe organ An organ builder uses their skill and labour for the bespoke fabrication and/or restoration of pipe organs and their

Marine surveyor

Independently verify the structure, machinery, equipment and systems of ships and vessels A marine surveyor independently verifies the structure, machinery, equipment and systems of ships and vessels, to ensure compliance

Able seafarer

Work as part of the navigation department on ships and other vessels An able seafarer works on deck aboard ships and vessels, acting as the watchkeepers of the crew. During

Marina and boatyard operative

Deliver a variety of operations and services, including vessel handling Marinas and boatyards support the yachting and boating sectors, which are key areas of the leisure marine industry. Marinas include

Marine technical superintendent

Responsible for the safe and economic operation of one or more vessels A marine technical superintendent is responsible for the safe and economic operation of one or more vessels. In


Ensure the safe operation and passage of a vessel As a boatmaster, you could be the captain of a single vessel tourist boat or you could be working for a

Maritime operations officer

Carry out activities required to effectively respond to maritime emergencies A maritime operations officer works for the Coastguard, which is responsible for initiating and coordinating maritime search and rescue in

Security first line manager

Manage people in a security environment The security sector covers a wide range of functions, from the employment of security personnel to those involved in the design and implementation of

Fire emergency and security systems technician

Design, install and maintain electronic systems to protect businesses, homes and properties A fire, emergency and security systems technician designs, installs, commissions and maintains electronic systems inside and outside simple

Police community support officer

Work as part of the neighbourhood policing team to help deal with and prevent crime The police community support officer role is different from a traditional police officer and so

Teaching assistant

Support the class teacher to enhance pupils’ learning A teaching assistant works in primary, special and secondary education across all age ranges, encompassing special educational needs and emotional vulnerabilities. The

Senior housing and property management

Manage housing or property related services The senior housing and property management apprenticeship covers both the social and private housing sectors. As an apprentice, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge

Church minister

Offer leadership to local churches and support in areas such as worship and community action During your apprenticeship, you’ll become a skilled practitioner in key areas of ministry to support

Senior metrology technician

Manage resources and measurement activities and implement processes and techniques that are sustainable Metrology is the science of measurement. As a senior metrology technician apprentice, you’ll train in the development

Laboratory technician

Provide routine and one-off testing and technical support in a scientific laboratory environment A laboratory technician works in a range of organisations, including chemical, primary and secondary pharmaceutical, biotechnology, formulated

Healthcare science assistant

Conduct routine technical and scientific procedures The healthcare science assistant support workforce contributes to safe care throughout a patient’s life, from conception to end of life, in a number of

Dental technician

Design, manufacture, modify and repair custom-made dental appliances Your work as a dental technician will be undertaken in a dental lab on a prescription from a dentist. The work can

Healthcare science practitioner

Support the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions A healthcare science practitioner provides scientific and technical services within a life, physiological or physical science. In this role, you’ll develop

Clinical trials specialist

Deliver and execute phase one-to-four clinical trials in humans The clinical trial specialist works in public or private clinical research organisations, generally in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries. In this

Personal trainer

Coach clients towards their health and fitness goals Through the design and provision of creative and personalised exercise programmes and instruction, nutritional advice and overall lifestyle management, in the role of

Leisure duty manager

Manage the day-to-day operation of a leisure facility The leisure duty manager is in charge of the day-to-day ‘front line’ operation of a leisure facility, such as a swimming pool,

Sporting excellence professional

Capable of performing consistently and effectively in training environments and competitions This apprenticeship is applicable across football, cricket and rugby league and union. During your apprenticeship, you’ll develop into a

Outdoor activity instructor

Supervise and guide children and adults in outdoor activities and pastimes An outdoor activity instructor supervises and guides children and adults in activities and pastimes such as canoeing, sailing, climbing,

Community activator coach

Plan, lead and coach fun, inclusive and engaging activities for people of all ages The community activator coach will primarily work with inactive groups of people, most commonly at sport

Leisure team member

Support, enhance and deliver the day-to-day operations and services of a leisure or fitness facility Working as part of a team, you’ll undertake a range of operational duties such as

Air traffic controller

Direct aircraft, both on the ground and through controlled airspace The UK manages one of the busiest and most complex pieces of airspace in the world. A range of specialist

Vehicle damage assessor

Inspect and assess all elements of a motor vehicle that has sustained damage and requires repair A vehicle damage assessor methodically and accurately inspects and assesses all elements of a

Rail and rail systems engineer

Help maintain railway tracks and equipment A rail and rail systems engineer will have a strong understanding of how the railway works and will specialise in a specific aspect of

Passenger transport operations manager

Oversee the planning and coordination of passenger transport operations As a passenger transport services operations manager covering rail, buses or coaches, you develop a detailed understanding of the operational transport

Rail and rail systems principal engineer

Lead on integrated safe design, construction, installation, maintenance, renewal, or decommissioning, to provide a safe and reliable railway A rail and rail systems principal engineer is a senior strategic role

Accident repair technician

Mend damaged vehicles using a range of metalworking and finishing techniques A motor vehicle accident repair technician repairs all elements of a vehicle after it has sustained some type of