Am I eligible for an apprenticeship?

If you’re over 16, living in England and not in full-time education then you’re eligible to become an apprentice. Employers will have different requirements.

How much do apprentices earn?

From 1 October 2015 all employed apprentices must receive a wage of no less than £3.30 per hour. However, recent research found that apprentices earn an average of £170 per week.

How long does an apprenticeship last?

Your apprenticeship will last as long as it takes for you to learn how to do the job. This varies by sector – generally, apprenticeships last between one and five years.

Does it cost anything to do an apprenticeship?

No. On an apprenticeship, you’ll be the one earning a salary while doing your training. Getting paid to learn – that’s one of the best reasons to do an apprenticeship.

What does the learning provider do?

Your learning provider is usually either a college or specialist training organisation. In addition to providing classroom learning, they’ll assign you a mentor who will follow your progress and give you support along the way.

Can I be an apprentice and still go to university?

Of course! In fact, some apprenticeships already earn UCAS points, and there are plans to make qualifications gained during apprenticeships count towards university applications. The number of Higher Apprenticeship programmes available is increasing all the time, and many of these will give you a degree-level qualification.

When can I start?

You can apply for an apprenticeship at any time of year – it all depends on when the employer has a vacancy.

Will I get holidays?

Yes. Just like most other employees, you’ll get at least 20 days of paid holiday per year, plus bank holidays.

What are the most popular apprenticeships?

Engineering, Business Administration, Construction and Hospitality topped a recent survey.

Can I do an apprenticeship if I’ve already got a job?

Yes, you can become an apprentice where you work now. Ask your employer to visit www.gov.uk/take-on-an-apprentice for more information.

Do I get to choose where I work?

Yes. You get to choose your employer – learning providers can help you decide.