Allianz is recruiting! Here’s what you need to know

Allianz has an exciting opportunity for future apprentices

Allianz, one of the world’s largest insurers, is recruiting six lift and crane apprentices.

The apprenticeship roles are for its engineer surveyor programme and offered in Romford, Stratford in London, Greenford, Milton Keynes, Enfield, and Hemel Hempstead. Applications are being accepted now, for a September start.

Why does Allianz need engineer surveyors?

Engineer surveyors inspect heavy machinery such bulldozers and cranes used on construction sites, to ensure they operate safely for employees and the public.

As an insurer, Allianz provides insurance policies to developers and other construction-related businesses. It’s common for insurers to provide ancillary services such as inspections (or, for example, a car insurer running its own breakdown service).

Lifts and cranes are, of course, common features of many construction sites.

What’s involved in the apprenticeship?

The lift and crane apprenticeship is a two-year programme split between working on the job and studying.

On completion of the apprenticeship, you’ll achieve professional status and a higher (level 4) apprenticeship, enabling you to progress into the role of an engineer surveyor.

Allianz says the apprenticeship will also give you the foundation to work towards team leadership and management.

The application window opened on 03 April, with the apprenticeships kicking off in September. Allianz has six roles to fill in Romford, Stratford in London, Greenford, Milton Keynes, Enfield and Hemel Hempstead.

The study portion will need to be completed at Fareham College in Hampshire.

Where do I apply?

Head over to the Allianz website. You can also find more information, including tips to help with your application, here.

Final word

Martin Ball, Allianz’s head of inspection, said: “The talent and enthusiasm of our current apprentices has been wonderful and we look forward to welcoming six new lift and crane recruits as our third cohort. This is a brilliant initiative and we are delighted to continue to give it our full support.

“With no two days the same, it is an exciting opportunity for future apprentices and for us, it is a pleasure to train the next generation of engineer surveyors, as we continue to grow our inspection business.”

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