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Millions of customers choose to get their energy from us, making us one of the leading energy providers in the UK. Joining us as an apprentice means you’ll be able to build a better future for everyone.

We’re leading the transition to net zero by helping our customers with their energy needs. We provide 100% renewable electricity, and deliver innovative, sustainable solutions that can transform homes, businesses and communities. A net zero future needs new skills, and we offer exciting apprenticeship opportunities, including degree apprenticeships, for everyone to develop their talent at E.ON. These allow you to work full-time, gain valuable experience, earn a competitive salary and complete a recognised qualification.

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E.On apprentice Samantha smiles in an office setting“As an apprentice, you can start climbing the career ladder straight from school whilst gaining qualifications, meaning you have another opportunity to be ahead of your competition.

“I was lucky enough to start my degree apprenticeship with E.ON on the Future Leader’s Business Management programme in 2019. Within this role I was given the opportunity to move departments every 6 months to a new area of the business. This has not only allowed me to gain experience in different areas such as HR, strategy, highways lighting and sales just to name a few, but as well as this, it has helped me to identify for myself which areas I am really passionate about…”

” I can’t wait to see what the rest of my career has in store for me!”

Samantha Woods

Business management and leadership apprentice with E.ON

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