Cushman & Wakefield: Joshua Penemo

Cushman & Wakefield apprentice Joshua Penemo on the benefits unique to an apprenticeship like his 


When I was completing my A-levels, I knew that full-time university was not for me—being in debt from the beginning didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. While exploring my options, I came across the excellent opportunity of a degree apprenticeship, which consisted of earning while you learn!

I found this appealing because not only was I going to be working towards a degree without the debt incurred, there was an opportunity to gain a wealth of valuable experience within global and multinational corporations and learn first-hand from successful colleagues in my chosen field.

My chosen route was into real estate at Cushman & Wakefield through the apprenticeship scheme, and this was undoubtedly the best decision I could have made for my career. I’ve found that integral technical skills learned in the workplace help in my university studies, and vice versa.

Something that is unique to the Cushman & Wakefield programme is the opportunity to develop soft skills that will go on to benefit me throughout my entire career. In my time here, I have developed soft skills through client interaction, self-responsibility and building business relationships with colleagues from all over Cushman & Wakefield’s global network.

I would never have been exposed to these opportunities in full-time university as it can never replicate the ‘real world’ environment and people that you come across day-to-day in real estate.

Through the exposure and experience that an apprenticeship at Cushman & Wakefield provides, once qualified, we immediately become more employable than graduates who will have less real estate experience.


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