Highways England: Rosie Hardie

Rosie Hardie, 22, a quantity surveying higher degree apprentice at Highways England, on why the apprenticeship route puts you ahead of the game


I began my quantity surveying and commercial management apprenticeship in September 2019. I made the decision to take the apprenticeship route rather than a full-time university course as I felt it would give me a massive head start in the industry and would put me at a great advantage once my degree was finished. Also, there was the added benefit of being paid throughout my apprenticeship.

Prior to starting, I was a personal trainer on cruise ships, so I had no experience in infrastructure and construction. I have learnt an abundance of new skills in just a few months and I am grateful for the time taken by my peers and managers to help build my knowledge and apply all that I’m learning at university to my daily tasks at work. There is a fantastic structured pathway for our development to enable us to keep on track and up to date with all our learning, which is a massive help to all of us.

Working as part of the commercial and procurement directorate in the south east, my day-to-day tasks include reviewing target prices and new rates, checking drawings for schemes and reviewing final accounts. We are always given the opportunity to go on site visits and we are welcomed with open arms when visiting new offices and areas of the company. After a year, we are encouraged to change directorate, so we get a taste of other areas of Highways England. I am really looking forward to what lies ahead.

Personally, I feel taking an apprenticeship route puts you ahead of the game and of others who take on a full-time university course. You get experience in the industry while being able to apply your knowledge from university.


To find out more about apprenticeships at Highways England, visit careers.highwaysengland.co.uk

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