PRCA: Celia Forbes

Celia Forbes, 20, is working towards completing a level 4 apprenticeship in public relations with Gallium Ventures under the PRCA


All through education, the assumption has been that university is the only option after school, however, on completing A-levels, I felt completely uninspired to spend more years studying from a textbook. An apprenticeship means I don’t have to choose between qualifications or working, but instead get to use and implement the practical theory I learn in my everyday work. I have a support team around me in the form of colleagues at my workplace and mentors from the PRCA, who help guide me in both study and entering the professional world.

Learning on the job means that I get to experience things first hand rather than hearing them from someone else. I once thought studying a set career could be limiting; an apprenticeship is the complete opposite. Even without active teaching, simply being in a workplace atmosphere allows you to learn vital skills that can be applied to any career path. These include teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, IT skills, networking, communication, management, presenting, event attendance, and numerous others.

Already, the everyday working environment of a dynamic PR agency such as Gallium Ventures means I am able to learn and collaborate with colleagues, specialist consultants and clients that are experts in their areas. I’m able to jump into opportunities, shadow senior colleagues and offer my opinion, providing more growth, freedom and independence than any normal junior role would allow.

What I love most about working in PR at Gallium Ventures is the variety, giving me insight into branding, media, marketing, social media, product development, strategy, research, and much more. I’m given the chance to get to know clients from across a range of sizes, industries and the world.


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