Sage: Ellie Arkle

Ellie Arkle is a technical support apprentice at Sage Group Plc


Why did you choose an apprenticeship/grad scheme?

I chose to start an apprenticeship with Sage because I had just left school and wanted to continue my education further, while having more independence, and working in a professional environment.


How did you find the assessment centre and what advice would you give for anybody who is going to attend?

I found out about the assessment centre while looking for a job on the indeed job website. The main advice I would give to anyone who is looking to attend an assessment centre is be yourself, be confident in your own ability, and show that you’re willing to do anything to help.


Tell us about your role at Sage. Is it the same role you started in?

I’m currently a technical support apprentice, this means that I’m interacting with customers in different ways every day, giving them the support and advice they need to run their payroll and accounts using Sage Business Cloud. I started the role and my customer service practitioner course in October 2020.


What do you enjoy most about working at Sage?

The thing I enjoy the most about working at Sage is talking to new people every day, my team is so lovely to work with, and it just motivates me to want to work harder.


What new skills have you learnt at Sage?

Joining Sage has helped me build a lot of new skills, such as communication, team working and relationship building. I am extremely happy to be working at an organisation like Sage, as I am constantly supported and encouraged.


Would you recommend Sage to friends and family, and if so why?

I would recommend Sage to friends and family because it’s such a great company to work for, not only do they provide great employee benefits, but you always feel as though you’re supported, and there are amazing people around you to help. There is also a sense of independence and making the role your own, which is something I love. Another great thing about Sage is that they have a lot of other opportunities available, I’m now working towards securing a permanent position in customer service, and then I’m hoping to start an AAT course in the future to enable me to progress into the finance department.


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