Sky: Beatrix Weiga

Beatrix Weiga is a digital media apprentice at Sky

The reason I chose to go with this apprenticeship is because I’m not a university person. I never really wanted to go to uni because I’m a very active person, I like to do things and be more hands-on, rather than study—that’s why I chose to go with an apprenticeship.

I’ve always been interested in media, advertising, marketing and especially social media—almost trying to make people feel a certain way, to think a certain way about something, and that’s what marketing and media is all about, which is why I chose to go into it.

I chose Sky over any other company because Sky is just so big—there’s so much going on within the company; from those you see on TV, to those you don’t know. I knew that within the company, there was going to be a lot of opportunity for me to learn a lot of things; for me to network
with different people and for me to grow and take on a lot of different roles within the company.

This apprenticeship is a great opportunity for me to grow, even a lot more, at Sky. I want to learn more about media, about marketing, especially going into social media marketing—and I know this apprenticeship has taken me on the right path to get to where I want to be.

I would definitely recommend working for Sky, it is an absolutely amazing company. They focus a lot on not just the work itself, but also you as an individual, which is something I really appreciated. I felt really supported from day one—there’s a lot of support, a lot of room for growth and a lot of opportunities to get involved in different projects besides your job role.

There’s a perfect level of balance between life in work, and life outside of work—so there’s no clashes. I’ve never felt like there was too much pressure, so I would definitely recommend working for Sky.


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