Babcock: Jack Cardwell

Babcock apprentice Jack Cardwell is a service technician and Fiat professional

“My apprenticeship was really enjoyable. You get to make new friends and learn a new skill at the same time. It’s not like being at school. There’s lots of hands on learning so you are not sitting in a lecture hall with loads of other people, reading from PowerPoint, You are actually getting to do it yourself.”

“The best thing about the training was the amount of help we received if and when it was needed. The tutors never gave you the answers, they guided you towards them, which makes you think for yourself. My employer really invested in me by sending me on this apprenticeship and my vocational learning advisor was really helpful so there is lots of support there.”

“I’m working my way towards becoming a Fiat dealer expert technician. After that, if I eventually wanted to come out of the workshop, I would like to look at being a service manager or even coming into the academy to be a trainer.”

“I would highly recommend the apprenticeship programme. You’re getting paid to come and learn and you are pretty much guaranteed a job at the end of it.”

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