British Army: Josh Mills

Lance Corporal Josh Mills is an electrician with the Royal Corps of Signals and training with an apprenticeship through the Army

During a six-month tour of Afghanistan, a then 19-year-old Lance Corporal Josh Mills of 11 Signal Regiment was part of the team responsible for delivering power to ground troops. Flying across the region, Josh worked as part of small teams on projects ranging from two days to two weeks at a time.

For Josh, it’s challenges like these that have helped shape him as a soldier. The Army is also providing his training as an electrician.

Where once he would have made a snap decision, by his own admission Josh now “takes a breather and analyses a situation”—something he attributes to his time as a British Army apprentice.

Keen to train as an electrician, Josh realised as a civilian that he would need to work nights to support his study. Even as a modern civilian apprentice, he could only expect a low starting salary.

Looking for a better option, Josh enlisted as an Army apprentice. With a current starting salary of £18,305, Josh saw this as an opportunity to get ahead without sacrificing his free time. Josh is now a fully qualified electrician with a British Army apprenticeship.

What’s most surprising is the fact that he’s done so while maintaining a balanced lifestyle—something many overworked young people miss as they strive to succeed. From weekly football matches to weekends with his family and adventurous training, Josh is proving that a British Army career is much more than nine to five.

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