DLG: Georgia Wilde

Georgia Wilde is a project management apprentice at Direct Line Group (DLG)

What does your job entails?

“Within my role at DLG, I oversee the delivery of business change. This involves working alongside a wide range of people across the business, understanding the different ways of working that are bespoke to each area of the business and a lot of planning to ensure DLG’s objectives are met.”

Why an apprenticeship and not university?

“I felt ready to experience the world of work and get a head start in my career! I believe the only way to understand yourself and the direction you want to take in life is to gain exposure to lots of different situations, this helps you begin to understand your personal strengths/qualities and then you can decide which role you are most suited to.”

What is the biggest thing you are missing by not being at university?

“I do not regret choosing an apprenticeship over university, however, sometimes I feel as though I am missing out on making lots of different friends from all over the country. But DLG has offices across the nation that I visit on a regular basis. I now have lots of friends in London, Bristol and Glasgow.”

What is the biggest thing you are gaining by doing an apprenticeship?

“Apprenticeships in general have many benefits, however, the biggest benefit for me is understanding myself, my natural strengths and qualities, and then being given the opportunity to develop these qualities further and push myself to the next level!”

How do you find working for DLG?

“DLG has a very friendly working environment and a great culture that promotes mental health awareness. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure everyone feels comfortable enough to be themselves at work—I think it is important for people know they can speak out when they are not feeling themselves.”

What advice would you give to someone applying thinking about applying for an apprenticeship scheme at DLG?

“Go for it, you won’t regret it!”

To find out more about opportunities at DLG, visit www.directlinegroupcareers.com/apprenticeships

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