Highways England: Amelia Kirwan

Amelia Kirwan is on a project manager apprenticeship within the incident prevention team at Highways England

Talking about her role at Highways England, Amelia, 19, agrees that she’s passionate about working in this sector.

“I love the structure and organised format of my role. Working within a small team allowed me to get to know everybody, which created a friendly working environment.”

“I sourced the apprenticeship in my own time. My dad is a site manager within the construction industry, which also follows the same strategic step-by-step life cycle of projects that I work on.”

“The most rewarding project I’ve worked on so far is my current one. I’m working on my own project, with an aim to reduce the amount of shed loads and debris incidents on the network. This is rewarding as I am learning ‘on the job’ and creating all the relevant documents necessary, plus chairing meetings to gain approval to progress further.”

“I’d really like people to know that my job’s very interesting—every day there are new tasks and challenges. I have worked alongside the police a lot within three months of being at Highways England due to projects that require their input, which was interesting and exciting.”

“I feel that having apprentices within the company gives a fresh perspective. It widens the scope of experience and age groups working within the business, with young individuals wanting to learn from other experienced employees.”

To find out more about opportunities at Highways England and to apply, visit careers.highwaysengland.co.uk

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