Leeds College of Building: Chris Meredith

Chris Meredith is an apprentice at Jacobs, where he works as a senior technician. He’s doing his apprenticeship training with Leeds College of Building

Chris didn’t have the best start in life and left school without any GCSEs. After leaving school and undertaking several odd jobs, he ended up unemployed. He was at rock bottom, but he yearned to be successful and was determined to get his life on track.

Previously, he had undertaken a level 1 BTEC at Leeds College of Building. He decided to apply for the BTEC level 2 in construction and the built environment and was accepted on the course, on the basis that he would re-take his maths and English GCSEs.

Five years later, he is an apprentice at Jacobs, working as a senior technician. Chris attended a work placement organised by Leeds College of Building. Jacobs was so impressed, the company offered him an apprenticeship. He can still remember the day he heard about the job offer; both Chris and his lecturers were delighted.

Chris had a fantastic 2019. Not only did he purchase his first house, he successfully passed the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) technician professional review, and now has letters after his name!

His college lecturers also nominated him for the BTEC over-19 Apprentice of the Year award. The judges were so impressed with how Chris has transformed his life, he was awarded the highly coveted BTEC Student of the Year.

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