Royal Air Force: Kirsty Ascroft

Kirsty Ascroft joined the Royal Air Force in 2009 and is currently serving as a member of the 32 (The Royal) Squadron VIP cabin crew at RAF Northolt

Talking about life in the Royal Air Force, Kirsty said: “Before joining the Royal Air Force I was senior cabin crew for Euromanx, AerArann and Flybe Airlines working on four different aircraft types.”

“After the recession in 2008 (which saw VIP travel decline) I went to a career convention where I got chatting to a Royal Air Force representative; I was completely sold on the idea of flying with senior military officers, government ministers and the royal household and this became my sole focus. I was also attracted to the job security the military has to offer, along with the educational opportunities. I was aware that the career change would be a huge leap of faith but I was ready for the challenge and yearned to feel a sense of achievement.”

“My first tour of duty was at Royal Air Force Coningsby in Lincolnshire where my role involved stewarding duties within the officers’ mess. I also completed my intermediate hospitality apprenticeship which I was able to undertake and fit around my working day.”

“I have been lucky enough to experience many opportunities in the Royal Air Force. These range from sporting tournaments (equestrian and netball) to serving members of the royal family on board our BAe146 aircraft. My job has taken me all over the world to some remarkable places, including India for six weeks, Sicily for four months and various other countries with our VIP passengers. I have been involved in numerous charity events and was even a flag bearer for the Rugby World Cup at Twickenham’s opening ceremony.”

“We are encouraged to improve ourselves academically, with a generous education package, such as the intermediate hospitality apprenticeship. I have also become more confident after enrolling on free courses in public speaking and team leadership.”

“I have already achieved many great things in my career but the story doesn’t end here. Promotion opportunities are plentiful and my end goal is to qualify as a flying instructor.”

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