Sussex Coast College: Ryan Hill

Ryan Hill, 17, is taking an apprenticeship in business administration at Hastings Borough Council with Sussex Coast College

Ryan started his apprenticeship in Business Administration at Hastings Borough Council in 2015 after deciding that A-levels weren’t for him.

“I have always been interested in business,” says Ryan. “I studied it at GCSE and A/S-level, but after the first year I realised that the classroom environment wasn’t really working for me and I needed a change.”

“I felt it was time to enter the real world and doing an apprenticeship far outweighed sitting in a classroom. You gain work experience and get to see how a business is run, while still learning the theory. You also get the added bonus of earning money.”

“I jumped at the chance to do an apprenticeship at Sussex Coast College because they had a position at Hastings Borough Council, who I know are a really good employer in the area.”

“My job is really great; I get to experience lots of things within the council, from all the office-based administration to going out on site with the planners. It really helps me to put all my learning into action.”

“For anyone thinking about their future, I would say don’t just pick a subject because your friends are doing it or because it seems easy. Think of the long-term benefits of the course and where it can take you.”

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