Payroll assistant manager apprenticeship

Ensure the company’s workforce is paid on time and accurately

During the payroll assistant manager apprenticeship, you’ll ensure that the employer’s workforce is paid on time and accurately in accordance with worker contractual and UK regulatory and statutory obligations. Working in line with best practices are therefore essential features for the occupation. As assistant manager you may find yourself in charge of a team, accountable for their performance and bringing a high level of technical expertise to the company. You may need to interact with government bodies, including HMRC, The Pensions Regulator and the Department for Work and Pensions. You could work in either the private or public sector, from small through to large organisations.


Duration: 24 months

Relevant school subjects: Business studies and maths

Entry requirements for the payroll assistant manager apprenticeship: Depend on employer, but likely A-levels or equivalent qualifications or experience

Achievement upon completion: Level 5 (Higher)—equivalent to a foundation degree

Potential salary upon completion: £25,000

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