Water industry network technician apprenticeship

Ensure the continuity and efficiency of water or wastewater industry network services

During the water industry network technician apprenticeship, you’ll be trained and assessed against the core and one option (occupation). There are three options: Water distribution network technician; Water leakage technician, and; Wastewater network technician. Water distribution network technicians carry out planned and unplanned valving operations, undertaking customer visits to resolve water quality enquiries, which may include taking water quality samples and giving advice on water quality. Water leakage technicians identify leakages and assist in the repair and maintenance of meters and loggers. Wastewater technicians respond to incidents and monitor wastewater networks resolving issues or identifying action required. You’ll carry out or supervise system maintenance activities such as high-pressure water jetting and de-silting operations. In each role you’ll find yourself working in all weather conditions and in different locations, and you may need to work shifts outside normal working hours. In your daily work, you’ll engage with operatives and other technicians, as you are responsible for meeting quality, industry regulations, safety, security, and environmental requirements.


Duration: 30 months

Relevant school subjects: Science, geography and engineering

Entry requirements for the water industry network technician apprenticeship: Level 2 apprenticeship or equivalent qualifications. A driver’s licence may be required. Water distribution network technicians and water leakage technicians must have a National Water Hygiene (Blue) card. This involves training and assessment, and health screening.

Achievement upon completion: Level 3 (Advanced)—equivalent to A-levels at grades

Potential salary upon completion: £28,000 per annum

Professional recognition: This apprenticeship aligns with The Institute of Water for Engineering technician (Eng.Tech) and The Science Council for Registered Science Technician (RSciTech). For further details please contact the the professional body.

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