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You’ve got potential, and we want to help you unleash it. This is your chance to earn as you learn, and see corners of the world you’ve only dreamt of seeing. Being a soldier in the Army is more than you think; it’s becoming part of a bigger picture—making mates for life, learning new skills and doing more than you ever thought possible. You’ll be an invested part of an organisation that’s dedicated to helping you make the most of your skills, interests and characteristics. 

The British Army is one of the UK’s largest apprenticeship employer providers, giving you the opportunity to earn industry-recognised apprenticeships ranging across a variety of trades and skills. Completing an apprenticeship will help you progress with your career. Your apprenticeship will depend on your chosen role. We offer apprenticeship programmes in the following areas:

  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Intelligence and Communications
  • HR and Finance
  • Logistics and Supply
  • Combat

Whatever apprenticeship you undertake, you’ll have a schedule designed to fit around your military training and relate closely to your chosen role, advancing your skills to a higher expertise. You’ll be working with equipment in varied environments that make the experience interesting and challenging. This is your chance to challenge yourself, as not only will you be joining the Army to become a soldier, but you’ll be working towards extra qualifications valued by employers outside of the Army—all this while earning a starting salary of around £16,800 during Basic Training, which will rise to around £21,400 after completing 26 weeks of training or after completing your Initial Trade Training, if less than 26 weeks. You’ll receive unlimited support and mentorship from fully-trained experts, but as a qualified soldier, you’ll be in a trusted position with real responsibilities. 

There are three levels of apprenticeships on offer for joining soldiers: military trade training, advanced apprenticeship and higher apprenticeship. The course you take will depend on your chosen trade and can take between a year or four to complete, making sure that every bit of training you receive is to industry standards and approved by the Institute For Apprenticeships and Technical Education. This is a chance to build an excellent foundation from which you can progress further and accomplish greater things.

As an apprentice in the Army, you can enjoy a range of other benefits, including: 38 days’ paid leave, subsidised food and accommodation, gym and sports facilities, and free medical and dental care. 

You can also have the opportunity to take part in Adventurous Training—activities that take you on an expedition, develop your skills and give you the chance to try something new. We have a range of activities that you can experience all around the world, from mountain biking to offshore sailing and sub-aqua diving. 

There are opportunities for development and learning for everyone in the Army. The schemes we offer allow you to earn an income, gain relevant experience, improve your employability and increase your career prospects, all while being supported and nurtured to unleash your full potential. This is a chance like no other to gain qualifications, make mates for life, travel the world, serve the country and make your family proud. What are you waiting for? 

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