Manage project work and teams for businesses and other organisations

Every project, large or small, needs to be managed to ensure its success. During the associate project manager apprenticeship, you’ll develop into a capable associate project manager who knows what needs to be achieved, how it will be achieved, how long it will take and how much it will cost, and is able to work with the project team to achieve the desired results. Integral to this occupation are good planning, organisation, leadership, management and communication skills, all of which you’ll need to call on to utilise people with the suitable skills, qualifications, experience and knowledge, and get them to work together, with clearly defined reporting lines, roles, responsibilities and authorities. On commencement, you may become a student member of the Association for Project Management as the first step of professional membership.


Duration: 24 months

Relevant school subjects: Business studies and ICT

Entry requirements for the associate project manager apprenticeship: Five GCSEs, including English and maths, and a minimum of 48 UCAS points

Achievement upon completion: Level 4 (Higher)—equivalent to a foundation degree

Potential salary upon completion: £30,000 per annum

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