Barnsley College celebrates exceptional apprenticeship results

Congratulations to the Barnsley College apprenticeship graduates!

Barnsley College is celebrating the results of its level 5 learning and skills teacher higher apprenticeship students.

The college, which introduced the two-year apprenticeship in 2020, has seen great results, with the cohort achieving a 100% distinction rate.

Two of the course’s apprenticeship students, Darren Laycock and Richard North, spoke about their success.

Darren Laycock, who is now an engineering trainer at the University of Sheffield, revealed why, despite his age, an apprenticeship was the perfect training route for him.

He said: “I started my apprenticeship with Barnsley College at the age of 52 having only been in the education sector for one month. 

“It fills me with immense pride knowing that at my age, with great tutors supporting me, I achieved a distinction—something I would never have previously considered!”

The other successful student, Richard, who has also become an engineering trainer at the University of Sheffield, said: “I am incredibly proud to have achieved a distinction and I couldn’t have done it without the help and guidance of the tutors at college. 

“This course has given me a real appetite to take the next steps, and last week I began a level 6 part-time course.”

In achieving their distinctions, Darren and Richard both passed their end point assessments, which every apprentice—no matter their age!—undertakes.

The EPA evaluates the knowledge, skills and behaviours you possess against the occupational standards. By passing their EPAs, Darren and Richard proved they are ready to put what they learned into practice.

Congratulations to both apprentices, who have also shown that age is no barrier to upskilling, retraining or improving within your chosen career. And that apprenticeships are for everyone, not just school leavers.

To find out more about Darren and Richard’s apprenticeship, contact the Barnsley College information team via or 01226 216 123.

Image source: Barnsley College
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