Bridgend council employee proves apprenticeships know no age boundaries

In the world of apprenticeships, there is often a lot of misconceptions. But Kevin’s story highlights that apprenticeships are age-neutral, offering growth opportunities at any career stage.  

Meet Kevin Hughes, aged 46, from Bridgend. He used to be a Waste Education and Enforcement Officer with Bridgend County Borough Council.  

Kevin recognised the need to enhance his digital skills, especially with software like Office 365 that played a pivotal role in his work. 

In a recent blog post from ACT Training, Kevin described how he chose the IT Users NVQ Level 3 apprenticeship, focusing on everyday software like Microsoft Office and Google Drive.  

“It appealed to me because I needed a better understanding of Office 365 tools to do my job and it would be done in my working hours not during my home life,” Kevin said.  

“During the apprenticeship, I have developed a better understanding of PowerPoint, Excel and Word, and what each of them can create. I have also secured my online presence and better protected my information.  

“We have started doing school presentations on recycling, as well as projects to help different housing estates recycle and dispose of refuse correctly. We use excel a lot to present the information, so I have now been able to take the lead with some of these due to the new skills I have learnt.” 

The apprenticeship played a pivotal role in Kevin’s career advancement. When he needed to prepare a presentation for a job interview, the knowledge he had gained through the course proved invaluable. This successful presentation secured him his current role as a Cleaner Streets Officer, marking a significant leap from his previous position. 

Kevin Hughes’ journey shows that apprenticeships are a pathway to personal and professional growth. Kevin has proven that anyone can embrace new skills and seize opportunities, regardless of where they are in their career.  

Read the full blog post from ACT Training. 

Image: ACT Training 
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