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Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) is a bespoke trading entity of the Ministry of Defence. Employing around 12,500 people, and with a budget of over £10 billion, DE&S plays a vital role in maintaining military operational capability by acquiring and supporting a wide range of world class equipment and services.

DE&S manages a vast range of complex projects to buy and support all the equipment and services that the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force need to operate effectively. 

We are proud to offer the opportunity to join tailored development schemes for engineers, scientists, finance and logistical graduates in the UK.

Why work with us

The UK needs modern battle winning forces to defend its interests and to contribute to strengthening international peace and security. Cutting edge engineering and science is a critical component in supporting this effort. 

DE&S graduate schemes are carefully structured to provide you with a flexible training programme enabling you to get the most from a series of work placements, sometimes within private industry, and sometimes overseas. Through our unique schemes you’re able to further your professional development making it possible for you to gain vast experience and with most schemes, you can work to achieve chartered status within just a few years. 

To achieve our goals, we need people with diverse backgrounds and disciplines.






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