Happy National Apprenticeship Week 2024! Here are some ideas of how you can celebrate

Welcome to National Apprenticeship Week 2024! This is an exciting time to celebrate the journey of apprenticeships and the incredible opportunities they bring. If you’re an aspiring apprentice, or if you know someone who is, here are some fantastic ideas on how to make the most out of this week:

1. Consider which apprenticeship is right for you:

Before diving into the celebrations of National Apprenticeship Week 2024, take a moment to reflect on the apprenticeship that aligns with your interests and career goals.

Explore the various apprenticeship opportunities available in your chosen field and consider factors such as industry demand, growth prospects, and the skills you want to develop.

Read our guidance on how to decide which apprenticeship is right for you.

2. Research potential employers:

Use this week to research and explore potential employers in your chosen field. Understanding the culture, values, and opportunities offered by different companies can help you make informed decisions about your future career path. 

Many employers actively participate in National Apprenticeship Week, providing insights into their apprenticeship programmes.

3. Attend virtual workshops and webinars:

There are tons of virtual workshops and webinars happening during National Apprenticeship Week! These events often feature industry experts, successful apprentices, and employers sharing valuable insights. Attending these sessions can broaden your knowledge, enhance your skills, and provide inspiration for your own career journey. 

The National Apprentice Week website has a list of all the interesting online sessions taking place, including sessions for parents, carers, and teachers too! 

4. Seek guidance from mentors:

If you haven’t already, consider finding a mentor within your industry.  

National Apprenticeship Week is an ideal time to reach out to professionals who can offer guidance and support. Whether through formal mentorship programs or informal connections, having a mentor can significantly contribute to your personal and professional growth. 

Ask around among your teachers and friends – you never know who might be able put you in touch with someone who can help! 

5. Reflect on your goals and progress:

Take some time during National Apprenticeship Week to reflect on your goals and assess your progress. Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small, and identify areas for growth. This self-reflection can help you stay focused on your journey and motivate you to overcome challenges. 


National Apprenticeship Week is a chance to really focus on your career development. By connecting with others, attending events, seeking guidance, researching employers, and reflecting on your journey, you can make the most of this week and set the stage for a successful apprenticeship experience.  

Cheers to your apprenticeship adventure! 

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