If you like Maths lessons, have a look at these apprenticeships. You will need good numeracy skills…

For some, literacy, the arts, or being creative just isn’t for them. If you find yourself taking to mathematics like a duck to water, crunching numbers, writing formulas, or even solving mental numerical problems with ease, then there is a good chance your future vocation will be found here.

Many employers value apprentices that are good with numbers, and accurate in their calculations, particularly in industry sectors such as Finance and Engineering. All activities, from balancing accounts to ensuring a structure is sound in its construction, require a good brain for maths. See if any of the apprenticeships below make sense to you.

An apprenticeship in either the Engineering or Finance sectors might be right up your street but there are loads of other opportunities available, and all of the apprenticeships listed here would enable you to put your numeracy skills to good use.

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