Medical doctor degree apprenticeship update!

Train and earn as a doctor but incur none of the student debt on this apprenticeship.

The Department for Education has issued a handy update on the new medical doctor degree apprenticeship in the works. 

Start dates are yet to be confirmed as training providers are still currently exploring how to best provide the apprenticeship. 

But you should be able to apply to the pilot scheme from September 2024. 

The headline benefit of this apprenticeship is the fact you’ll train to become a doctor without incurring the massive costs usually associated with education and training in this profession. 

That doesn’t mean that you won’t need to the same high standards, so expect to attend medical school, complete an accredited medical degree, and meet all other criteria to qualify as a doctor as set out by the General Medical Council. 

With demand for trained staff in the healthcare industry only increasing, the Department of Education also pointed out that this apprenticeship will make careers in medicine more accessible. 

To find out more, take a look at the update from the Department for Education. 

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