QA apprentices Hobie Williams and Daniel Wright achieve excellent results

QA apprentices Hobie Williams and Daniel Wright are both celebrating after achieving excellent results on their apprenticeships.

Hobie, QA’s first business analyst, successfully completed the end-point assessment (EPA) and attained the highest available grade—a distinction—while working at Royal Mail.

The 18-month apprenticeship empowers learners to acquire skills in business change, agile project management and investigative techniques.

“We are really happy for Hobie and Royal Mail,” said Ben Pike, managing director at QA. “Business analysis skills are among the most sought after in the UK so Hobie’s result should be really celebrated.”

The programme Hobie completed in August 2019 provides the basis for a recognised career in business analysis. To facilitate this, it includes modules in practical business analysis, requirements engineering and commercial awareness—all delivered via a challenge-based learning approach.

“Our business analyst apprenticeship is a relatively new programme so to see such an amazing result for Hobie, our first learner to come through EPA, is excellent,” said Vicky Nicholson, business analyst programme manager at QA. “It’s a very innovative space to be operating in so making sure that we offer a full programme is important for our learners. Hobie has clearly risen to the challenge very well.”

Included in QA’s L4 business analyst apprenticeship are BCS certificates in requirements engineering, commercial awareness. systems modelling and business analysis.

Meanwhile, Civica apprentice, Daniel Wright, has achieved a distinction for a second time on his second tech apprenticeship programme with QA.

QA first recounted the endeavours of Leeds-based Civica employee Daniel Wright back in the autumn of 2017. Daniel and Civica were early adopters to apprenticeship standards and October 2017 saw Daniel attain a distinction (the highest grade available) as he completed his infrastructure technician L3 programme.

Wind the clock forward just over two years and both Daniel and Civica have reason to celebrate once more. Daniel, who opted to complete QA’s network engineer L4 apprenticeship programme has repeated his initial feat and achieved a distinction once again.

Ben Pike, managing director at QA said: “This is excellent news for Daniel, Civica and QA. It’s clear that Daniel and Civica are getting continued results from our apprenticeship portfolio. We love to see apprentices progressing in this way and our destination data continues to show the hugely positive impact our apprenticeship have on future earning and careers.”

QA’s network engineer L4 apprenticeship programme combines online learning, classroom training and work-based experience to develop real-world skills using cutting edge technology. It also includes two Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certifications—one in mobility and device fundamentals and another in cloud fundamentals.

Commenting on completing his second apprenticeship and gaining his second distinction, Daniel said: “I’m very happy to have finished my L4 apprenticeship with a distinction. Civica, and specifically my line manager Glenn Wheeler, have been incredibly supportive throughout the course.”

“My team is full of great people who have vast knowledge on ranging technologies which meant I was always able to learn from extensively experienced colleagues whenever I had questions. Civica have offered me a full contract which I have gladly accepted – I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me after being lucky enough to have had a great start to my career.”

Just as in 2017, international software business Civica continues its focus on investing in people and creating an excellent company culture. This is highlighted in its ranking as one of the top places to work in the 2018 Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards.

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