Jack Downes, 22, is one of the first chartered manager degree apprenticeship graduates from Aston University

Jack, an application consultant at Capgemini and graduate of the chartered manager degree apprenticeship, said: “I decided on a degree apprenticeship because I could never see myself attending university in the traditional sense, but I knew that having a degree would be an invaluable asset for my career.”

“My apprenticeship has helped my career more than I could ever have understood when I first began applying for the schemes. Despite being the age of a graduate, I now have the qualification and experience of a professional who might have been working in the city for a number of years.”

“I have worked on four different projects in various roles and travelled around the UK and to numerous countries in Europe to take part in workshops and client activities. I have never once felt like ‘the apprentice’ and now I have finished the course, nothing has changed!”

“I’m very excited by the future and it looks bright. Now I have finished my degree apprenticeship, I am looking to really develop my management skills over the next couple of years. I would like to start leading some small teams and begin building my management portfolio up.”

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