Tune in for a webinar on the sales executive level 4 apprenticeship next week, when Mercuri International UK, Royal Mail and St Modwen Homes talk about its past, present and future


The sales executive level 4 apprenticeship is two years old. In human development, this is often known as the ‘terrible twos’—so how far has the qualification matured and what impact is it having?

Its arrival has coincided with the biggest societal and commercial upheaval of the century so far.

The last year has been a perfect test track for the qualification because sales behaviours were forced to change by external events. The first EPAs (end point assessments) have taken place. Strong anecdotal evidence of implementation supported by empirical measurements of effectiveness are becoming more visible.

Barry Hilton, managing director of Mercuri International UK, will examine the benefits and challenges that the two year old is creating in the sales world in an Association of Professional Sales-hosted webinar during National Apprenticeship Week.

Joining Barry will be two apprenticeship employers, Andre Lahiff from Royal Mail and Angela Van Driel, senior sales trainer from St Modwen Homes, who will share their thoughts on how apprenticeships help future-proof their workforce.


Click here for details on the webinar, which is taking place on 9 February from 9.00am to 9.45am

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