Top five tips for … getting experience in the fashion industry

The fashion industry is constantly changing and evolving, so you’ll have to let your creative juices flow to succeed in this field, and don’t be scared to show your unique flair when applying for apprenticeships.

Here are our top five tips to get you started on a career in the fashion industry.

  1. Start your own blog and develop a social media presence
    While it seems anyone can be ‘Insta famous’ these days, when it comes to showing your style and personality through your designs and creativity, this is a great starting point for companies to see what you’re made of. They are easy to set up and keep control of, so if you are successful and put the work in, you will soon have plenty of followers. It takes time to gain momentum though, so don’t give up too soon.
  2. Volunteer at fashion shows and competitions
    Whether it’s to display your own designs or see what life is like backstage, these events are a great way to meet like-minded people and ask plenty of questions. Does your city host its own fashion week or special exhibitions? You could even try to host your own fashion show, using your friends as models and updating it all on social media. Creating your own opportunities shows you are driven and passionate.
  3. Try an internship before your apprentice begins
    It may be difficult to find companies offering internships and you will most likely have to work for free, but gaining experience will put you above other candidates applying. Approach lots of companies and be prepared for plenty of rejection, so don’t give up.
  4. Network
    Be proactive in networking to meet the right people by attending relevant events and keeping up to date with all the latest fashion news. If you get your name out there early you can learn from the experts and, you never know, they might even remember your name.
  5. Understand the trends
    Subscribe to fashion magazines and websites, follow influencers on social media and set up a news alert about fashion online. Incorporating recent trends into your work shows you are aware of the audience and passionate about your craft, all good attributes for a potential employee.


If this has sparked your interest to develop your creativity and flare, take a look at some of the fashion-related apprenticeships on offer:

Fashion and textiles product technologist

Fashion and textiles pattern cutter

Fashion studio assistant

Textile technical specialist

Garment maker

Advanced and creative hair professional

Technical dyer and colourist

Sewing machinist

Buying and merchandising assistant

Photographic assistant


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