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The role of sustainability business specialist has an environmental focus but is actually found in a number of sectors, including food production, chemical production, construction and retail

Apprenticeships in England are constantly being added and revamped, to better serve your needs as a prospective employee, and employers that require highly trained and competent professionals to succeed as businesses. Each month, we highlight a new apprenticeship on offer and dive into why it could be the top choice for you. Today, we look at the sustainability business specialist degree apprenticeship.

The role of sustainability business specialist has an environmental focus but is actually found in a number of sectors, including food production, chemical production, construction and retail.

This is because the need for sustainable business is becoming ever more important throughout the UK and globally. Organisations are now reflecting this in the decisions they make and the policies they put in place.

To achieve these goals, a sustainability business specialist helps companies, public services and non-profit organisations to identify and implement policies to manage the resources used and the waste generated by the organisation.

The broad purpose of the sustainability business specialist role is to help the business to find new and innovative approaches to working and build resilience based on economically sound, socially friendly and environmentally driven principles.

As an apprentice, you’ll be responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring business sustainability strategies; communicating plans; formulating budgets; and marketing sustainability strategies to customers, suppliers, colleagues and consumers. The role is highly challenging and multifaceted and will reach across all areas of the organisation.

In your daily work, you’ll interact with many colleagues, such as a specialist subject manager or a senior manager, within the organisation at executive or non-executive director level, or within smaller organisations you may be at a director or board level.

You may lead a team or work in a matrix management structure to drive change. You would be required to liaise with external stakeholders on a variety of sustainable issues, for example, non government organisations (NGOs), and industry and regulatory bodies.

You’ll be responsible for implementing a sustainability culture throughout the business, so you will need to work across functions throughout the organisation and will have a high level of autonomy to do so.

In some companies, you may lead a small team of dedicated experts, however, in a number of other organisations, you will work within a management structure with no line management responsibilities. The level of supervision you receive will be down to the size of the company and the individual structures of those companies.

On completion, you’ll achieve a master’s degree in sustainability.


Sustainability business specialist in brief

Duration: 24 months

Relevant school subjects: Geography and business studies

Entry requirements: Depend on employer, but likely a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualifications or relevant experience

Achievement upon completion: Level 7 (Degree)—equivalent to a master’s degree

Potential salary upon completion: £28,000

Find out more: https://apprenticeshipguide.co.uk/sustainability-business-specialist/



MG Logistix, a freight transport company, is currently seeking a sustainability business specialist. The deadline for applications is 15 December: https://www.findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk/apprenticeship/1000008228

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