British Army: Andy

Get out and see the world

From County Durham to Canada, Andy’s career in the Army has taken him across the globe


Want a job where you can travel, make mates for life and pick up transferable skills, but still deciding if the Army is right for you? Andy was on the fence too, until he joined the British Army.

“I joined up not knowing how I’d take to the Army, but it turns out I love it!” 


When you start, there will be a lot to learn, but don’t worry–it’s nothing like school. We take people on from all sorts of backgrounds, and support them with expert mentors and practical, real-world training. As for Andy, he left college without English and maths qualifications. But now he’s thriving.

“The education system didn’t really suit me, but in the Army they adapt the teaching to suit you. I feel more confident to speak up and ask questions than I ever did in school.”


After college, Andy spent three years working at a supermarket in his hometown of County Durham. It was fine work, but he was itching for an adventure so chose to join the Infantry. As an Army apprentice, you’ll not only have a ticket to see the world, but you’ll get to experience Adventurous Training while you’re at it. Activities to try your hand at include sub-aqua diving and skiing, mountaineering and paragliding.

“I wanted to get out and see the worldso I joined the Army. Within three weeks of being in Battalion, I was in Canada!”


Travelling the world with your mates isn’t a bad way to earn a living. But in the Army, we value a decent home life too. A good salary, cheaper living costs and 38 days of paid leave gives you plenty of time to pursue your own adventures. Andy certainly isn’t short of hobbies…

“When I’m not being a soldier, I’m a singer-songwriter and media creator. I play at open mic nights and was on BBC Music Introducing.”


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