British Army: Harriet

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Harriet’s apprenticeship in the British Army took her from engineering novice to trained vehicle mechanic–so where could yours take you?


Are you craving a new adventure? Not sure what to do next? You’re not alone. When Harriet finished her studies, she realised she wanted to make a fresh start.


“I wanted to do something completely different—but I had no technical background at all.”

That’s why, when you join the Army as an apprentice, we make sure you start gaining transferable skills from day one. You don’t need to know how to do the job before you get here, because we give you all the training you need. From combat to communications and HR to logistics, there are more roles on offer than you’d think. And for Harriet, that meant she was able to join the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers as an engineering apprentice, learning a new trade and getting qualifications all at the same time.


“The NVQ I’m working towards is a really good qualification that’s sought after by employers—so I know I’m getting something that’s valued both inside and outside the Army.”

Wondering what else makes the Army the obvious choice for an apprenticeship? Well, we’re not like the others. Here, you don’t just have colleagues—you make best mates. And you don’t just get brilliant training and support, you get somewhere to call home. Apprenticeships are a huge part of Army life, and almost everyone will complete one during their time with us, as they’re a great way to learn something new.


“What I love most is doing a lot of different, exciting things. One minute you’re on the ranges, another you’re doing first aid, then learning to fix engines.”

This is more than a job—it’s a lifestyle, and a way of thinking about the world. Our people are always ready to take on a new challenge, whether it’s training in the field or on the netball court. And Harriet is proud to be one of them.

But embracing adventure doesn’t mean sacrificing a great work-life balance. With 38 days’ paid leave every year, free dental care and cheaper living costs, Harriet gets more money in her pocket for the things that matter. And unless she’s away on operations or training exercises, she finds that she normally only works from 8.30am to 5pm, just like she would in a regular job.

So, are you ready to try something new, like Harriet?


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