British Army: Matt

It’s never too late to join

Meet Matt. He thought he’d left it too late to join the Army. Actually, he was just getting started


Not sure if you’d qualify for an Army apprenticeship? You might be surprised. We welcome people from every kind of background. Matt was in his 30s when he joined us. He’d always dreamed of a career in the Army, but an injury at 16 meant that he trained as a plumber instead. After working for the Police and Immigration Service, he finally looked into applying.

“Although I was in my 30s, it wasn’t too late to join. I chose the Royal Signals because of the wide range of jobs.”


That’s the other thing about Army apprenticeships, they’re not just combat. From IT to engineering, medicine to animal care, we have a range of roles to suit your interests. And don’t think you’ll be limited if you didn’t do well at school. Matt didn’t have any qualifications, but he’s got plenty now.

“When I left school, I had no GCSEs, but as part of my apprenticeship I obtained functional skills level 1 in English and maths. My level 2 apprenticeship is equivalent to 5 GCSE good passes.”


Matt went on to win an award for the best apprenticeship in his trade. As a Driver Communications Specialist, he now uses radio and digital communications to keep soldiers and officers safe. And no two days are the same—one minute he’s out on the field, the next he’s in an office.

“I run both stores as well as logistics, managing all the vehicles. As part of my training, I had to get all my driving licences, including HGV.”


With structured learning and a range of programmes to choose from, an Army apprenticeship will unlock your potential. You’ll travel the world, make mates for life, and earn qualifications that are recognised everywhere. And if you’re anything like Matt, you might just find your calling too.


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