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HR’s never been so exciting

What does skiing in Austria have to do with being a HR specialist for the Adjutant General’s Corps?


With an Army apprenticeship, you can go anywhere. That’s why we were Rich’s first choice when he left university and decided to become a professional in business administration. Not only does he get to travel for work, he also has access to Adventurous Training opportunities, like learning to ski, scuba dive or parachute.


“Not long after completing my apprenticeship, I was deployed to Oman for six months. Next week I’m going skiing in Austria, and after Christmas I’m off to work in Canada for a few months.”

With all this travelling across borders, no two posts are ever the same for Rich, but he enjoys the variety. He still gets to do military training, like learning to shoot, but he’s also proud to be an office professional, with qualifications that are valued by businesses outside the Army. As a HR specialist, he gets to work with all sorts of people, helping them to develop the soft skills and work ethic that will help them succeed in any career path. That’s why our HR people have to be trusted problem solvers—passionate professionals with the ability to keep calm in high-pressure environments.


“I really enjoy the trust that is put into me in my role: people from all ranks come to me for advice and help.”

It’s a diverse role, but Rich loves it, as it’s always giving him room to grow. When you join the Army as an apprentice, you’re given a lot of responsibility, but you’re also given all the training you need to get to where you want to be. You’ll get transferable skills that you can take with you on your career journey, and you’ll also earn as you learn, starting off at around £20,000 a year (after training) when you join as a soldier at the rank of private.


“My apprenticeship helped me get promoted to lance corporal, and now I’ve set my sights on passing officer selection.”

With clearly structured progression and a transparent pay scale, our soldiers always know how to reach the next step in their career. Men and women are always given equal opportunities, and we promote our people based on their performance, capability and potential. So, if you set your mind to it, you could promote through the ranks, receiving pay increases as you go.

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