British Army: Jordan

Out of the office and into the world

Jordan joined the Army because he likes to be active and couldn’t imagine being stuck in an office. When he researched Army careers, he was really surprised to find out that he could do an apprenticeship in the Infantry 


“I’ve done much better in the Army with my Maths and English than I ever did in school—quickly obtaining Functional Skills 1, and I’ve just taken level 2 as part of the apprenticeship course.” 

Having much smaller classes, and sometimes even 1-to-1 support, meant that Jordan was able to
progress quickly, which was really motivating. He’s since done a mortar course and found that having better maths skills really helped him with aspects like working out elevations and bearings.


“I want to take up all the opportunities I can!”

The fact that Army apprenticeships are designed with other employers, ensures the training is to industry standards. Jordan’s plan is to use his learning credits to do a bricklaying course and also gain the various Army driving licences. 


“Next year, I’m going to do a survival course—it’s learning how to survive in the wild with nothing.”

As part of Jordan’s survival course, he’ll have to navigate, find his own food, and keep himself warm—like Bear Grylls. He’s looking forward to getting stuck into it …


“Most weekends I go home to Sheffield and see my family.”

Like most soldiers, when Jordan is in the UK, he works Monday to Friday 8-5, which means he gets to visit his family and friends regularly.


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